ACLU Targets North Texas ISDs

ACLU of Texas Complains to DOE about Local ISDs
Frisco ISD and Keller ISD. | Image by WFAA

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas has lodged complaints with the U.S. Department of Education against some North Texas public school districts, accusing them of “unlawful sex discrimination against transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, and intersex students in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.”

The complaints target Frisco Independent School District (ISD) and Keller ISD, following the districts’ recent moves regarding age-appropriate library materials and campus bathroom policies.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, Frisco ISD’s board of trustees unanimously voted last Monday to require students to use multi-occupancy bathrooms corresponding to their assigned gender at birth.

However, individual accommodations would continue to be made on a case-by-case basis. The district also added more titles to its list of library materials deemed inappropriate for students.

In its complaint against the district, the ACLU of Texas claimed the new bathroom rules, even with its exceptions and accommodations, “violate Title IX [by excluding] transgender students from sex-segregated facilities that align with their gender identities.”

“The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has stated that public school districts cannot discriminate against transgender students by denying them access to multi-user restrooms that align with their gender identities, and OCR has already opened investigations into school districts in Texas that violate Title IX in this way,” read the complaint.

The same night that Frisco ISD’s school board met and adopted the new policy, Keller ISD’s board of trustees also convened and updated the criteria by which it judges what literary materials students can access at school.

The school board adopted content guidelines in late August that regulate students’ exposure at various grade levels to potentially controversial topics through library books and instructional resources.

Last Monday’s amendment to the guidelines added “gender fluidity” to the list of topics deemed inappropriate for all grade levels, alongside “sexually explicit content” and “illustrations or descriptions of nude intimate body parts.”

In its complaint against Keller ISD, the ACLU of Texas accused the district of trying to “suppress, in Keller ISD libraries, all access to information that it is possible for a person to be transgender or non-binary. In other words, the policy attempts to erase the existence of transgender and non-binary individuals. In its broad and vague wording, it threatens to similarly erase the existence of intersex individuals as well.”

Still, much of the movement on such issues in North Texas school districts seems animated by district parents and activists who have become increasingly involved in school board politics and policy in recent years.

Some board meetings end up somewhat contentious, with several dozens, sometimes more than 100 community speakers weighing in on potential board actions.

Speaking last Monday against Frisco ISD’s proposed bathroom policy, district parent Ellie Patel claimed a recent study revealed that 75% of transgender youth felt unsafe at school and that “discriminatory” bathroom policies further marginalize and stigmatize them.

“They need to be accepted and treated with respect and kindness,” she said. “No one should be a second-class citizen.”

At the Keller ISD board meeting last Monday, Daniel Moore, an American history professor, voiced his support for adding “gender fluidity” to the content guideline. He stated, “The less than 1% [of students] who do identify as this [gender fluid] deserve our empathy and respect.”

“But the 99% of kids who do not, should not be groomed into understanding that this is a normal condition when this is, in fact, less than 1% [of students],” Moore concluded.

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  1. doug

    GOD is in control! Try using the Christian Bible as the model for social conduct. One Nation under God..

    • Bill Fox

      Or if someone is agnostic or atheist you are then oppressing their religious beliefs. See how that works? Idiot.

    • RobinQuivers

      You’re the same as a far right muslim.

      Jesus disagrees with you.

  2. 13/64

    Interesting. Miss Patel says we ought to allow this degeneracy. Wonder if she allows her kids to be inundated with this trash. Unity of our people and standing up against this garbage is the only way to combat the destruction of what our ancestors handed down to us.

  3. Tim

    Once again the ACLU using strong-arm tactics to get any person, business or even schools to bend to their anti-American agenda.

  4. Ken Kerrigan

    Y’all need to get off your damn high horses with this bathroom nonsense. A GIANT waste of tax dollars. TEXAS has become a huge pain in everyone’s backside. Get over your SO CALLED “Christian ethics” and it’s ” in the Bible”. Leave the kids alone and do your damn jobs you were elected to do.

    • Djea3

      Sorry Ken,
      When a teenage boy is allowed in the girls locker room by his choice and his male parts still exist and are seen in aroused state by innocent girls then it is a FLIPPING CRIME.
      It is also a crime (literally) for schools to have teachers and systems that support changes in gender identity.
      That is actually CRIMINAL under many codes in every state. The main one is PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE. Which can result in up to 15 years in prison, depending.

      The ONLY thing any teacher or school employee should ever be doing in contacting parents for referral to psychological evaluation and counseling. Anything else is actually a FELONY.

      • Bill Fox

        So much stupid in a single post. Man, I wish voting was based on how smart people were, but nope we have to let even morons vote.

    • Laura Lee

      We WANT to leave the kids alone to do their bathroom business in private, to be able to be normal kids and learn math, science, English, etc, in the schools. It’s the LGBTQ+ bullies who are ruining childhood and schools, so we are fed up and fighting back.

      • Bill Fox

        Yes, because gay teenagers are the bullies.

        • RiverKing

          No, it’s their pedophilic groomers who are the bullies.

    • Robert Weir

      Part of the job they’re “elected to do” is to stand up against the moral depravity being foisted upon our children by those with perverted views of social interaction. Why should 99.5% of us be forced to comply with the distorted whims of the other .5%? In a democracy, if 99.5% of the people voted for or against a proposed law, should it be enacted? This tyranny by the minority has gone on long enough! Let’s return to a commonsense society, based on values that made us the greatest country on the globe.

    • RiverKing

      If Texas is a pain in everyone’s backside, so be it.

  5. Pap

    So they are concerned about the rights of children “confused” about their gender. But it’s okay to infringe on and squash the rights of normal children. Yes, I said normal. The fact that they’re saying they were born in the wrong body is they themselves saying they are abnormal. Funny, but it seems to aim more toward boys/men going into women’s restrooms. Don’t seem to hear much about girls/women going into men’s. In both instances, probably fear the males knocking the crap out of them. I guess they figure the females will just put up with it. Waiting to hear a transgender female joining the men’s swim team. Think she’ll win?

    Amazing how the left is always advocating for women’s rights but end up putting women in danger in restrooms and locker rooms (any man could claim to be trans) and absolutely destroying women’s sports. The men are going to come out ahead again. Women who claim posing naked empowers them. Over whom? The men are ogling and laughing all the way to the pub.

  6. Hal2000

    Why doesn’t the ACLU address the civil liberties of the kids who have to endure the presence of someone who is mentally unstable? The kids who are claiming they are something other than what they were at birth are kids in trouble. Their civil liberties are being trampled on by those who coddle them in their delusion of being something they can never become. Going through some “transformation” not only damages what they are but causes them to become a freak for a carnival. This is nonsense!

    • Laura Lee

      Thank you! I want to sue the ACLU for costing our schools so much money just trying to offer a natural, healthy environment in the schools. We need to start suing them and holding them accountable for the social chaos they are unleashing on the most vulnerable among us: our children.

  7. Djea3

    CHILDREN NEVER DESERVE “EMPATHY AND RESPECT” just because they are children. This “professor is a School for the destruction of society by social change through education.

    Regardless, it is CLEAR that the Districts are doing the proper things. It is also clear that the ACLU are fools.

    First, to be clear CHILDREN do not have all Constitutional RIGHTS as they are not of majority.
    Second, The District is not telling the public libraries they can not have books or can not lend them o students, instead under the ideology and management philosophy of “right to manage” they are making rational decisions.
    Third, These same districts need to pass internal requirements that ANY student of ANY age that talks to a teacher, counselor or other employee of the district regarding a belief in their gender fluidity should have to report this to the district office and the district office should then have to refer that student to psychological aid.
    They should then make it clear that any further discussion with that student regarding the matter needs to refer them to psychological practitioners and not encourage nor discourage the student in any way. REMAIN NEUTRAL.
    Make it CLEAR that any interference or action which encourages or discourages the student shall be considered practicing psychology without a license and become grounds for immediate termination.

    That should end this madness.

  8. Laura Lee

    How can we sue the ACLU for hurting girls’ scholarship possibilities, damaging the mental health of young kids by pushing this transgenderism in public schools? They are costing our school districts money and time to fight their lawsuits.

  9. John Gault

    Since the leftist who so firmly supports majority rule should take a lesson from their own playbook and let the 99.9% of the normal kids alone and have the abnormal ones bend to their rules. If a person is having a problem with their gender, its not the rest of the schools problem. Its a family issue that the state has no business in getting involved with.

    • Anna Williams

      If you think it’s a family problem you should stay out of it. Do you pro-life people think these children should have been aborted.

      Their mother’s gave them life. But you guys act like you want to take it away, what a hypocrite.

  10. Viki Norman

    I think all kids would appreciate a private bathroom.

  11. Bill Fox

    People need to stop banning books. What happened to you people that are all about “my freedom?” Wait. It’s only freedom when it is inline with what you people deem is freedom.

  12. Anna Williams

    Transgender parents welcome to Segregation and Jim Crow.

    They don’t want to talk about white only bathroom and Negro only bathrooms because negro’s carried diseases and whites might catch something.

    Your children are fine, it’s the idiot who threw rocks and spit on us. That’s what we went through. Now here we go again.

    You pay taxes like they do, blacks were taxed and no representation. My 25 year old gave his life for all people. He protected his gay younger brother to keep idiots from beating him up. He died in Iraq protecting all people. Shame on the same people who grew up with that kind of hatred. I am 74 and get sick of this mess. Yes I am black and proud of it. We have all of these miserable clowns who pick on children.

    Then they use God for their evil thoughts.

  13. Char

    “The less than 1% [of students] who do identify as this [gender fluid] deserve our empathy and respect.”

    “But the 99% of kids who do not, should not be groomed into understanding that this is a normal condition when this is, in fact, less than 1% [of students],”

    The ACLU should be EQUALLY standing up for the rights of girls who are adversely impacted by these policies.

    Kids with special needs.. whether that be gender related issues or learning differences or physical impairments (such a wheel chairs, blind, deaf, etc) need and deserve accommodations, this does not marginalize them. It is their condition that separates them from the “norm”. Learning how to live “differently” from the rest of society is part of their life’s journey. They become stronger, more resilient as a result. As do ALL OF US from our whatever difficulties that we face in our lifetimes. We have to learn to embrace life’s challenges and teach our children to do the same.

  14. Char

    “However, individual accommodations would continue to be made on a case-by-case basis.”

    What could be more affirming and caring than having one’s needs dealt with in this manner? Typically, because of the sheer logistics of the number of students, schools and classrooms are run with blanket rules and policies. What could be MORE AFFIRMING than an approach that basically says to a child, “I see you and your challenges,”?

  15. Scheef Leblanc

    Med-inappropriate for all levels, some sexually explicit minds are serendipitous, a descriptive of nude intimate body parts. Updated literary materials students will always access, culturally.
    Topics likescadoptedguidelines are culturally inappropriate which challengs ACLU through books, instructions with sexual exceptions, and accomodations… ACLU does not want to violate cultural appropriations.
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