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Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Dallas Police Partners with SBDB to Distribute Free School Supplies to Students


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The Dallas Police Department has partnered with Safer Dallas Better Dallas (SDBD) to distribute free school supplies to students across 26 classrooms at John Neely Bryan Elementary on Friday. The event saw the distribution of around 400 bags of school supplies to students. 

The Dallas Police Department said it carried out the event as part of its commitment to weeding out the criminal elements in Dallas communities. The department also wants to seed into the next generation by ensuring that the children of the communities are safe and have everything they need to have an enjoyable, fun, and productive school year. 

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia and his command staff were present at the event, where they encouraged the students and cheered them on to a successful school year. 

“The first time our kids see us cannot be in the moment of crisis,” Garcia said.  “Our children throughout the city are gonna see us in areas where we need to be visible to ensure that their safety and their family safety are paramount. But at the same time, they also need to see us in times of non-crisis, in times of doing something good, in times of giving something back, and so that when we say that their future is our future and their success is our success, we mean it.”   

Courtney Underwood, chairman of SBDB, was also present at the event and described the event as an exciting one that celebrates all kids returning to school in the city. 

“For decades, Safer Dallas has worked hand in hand with our Dallas Police Chiefs acting as the philanthropic arm of DPD, and we are honored to partner with Chief Garcia on this special new initiative at John Neely Bryan,” Underwood added. 

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