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Dallas Mavericks’ Assistant Jamahl Mosley Has Signed to Be the Next Head Coach for the Orlando Magic


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Mavericks’ assistant Jamahl Mosley will be joining the Orlando Magic after signing a four-year contract to fill the team’s head coaching position. 

The news was first reported by a tweet from Shams Charnia of The Atlantic. 

Mosley has been with the Mavericks since 2015. Before joining Dallas, Mosley was with the Denver Nuggets from 2005-2010 and the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2010-2014. He will be assuming this role after being staffed by two Hall of Fame coaches in Rick Carlisle and George Karl. 

Mosley is known as a coach that focuses on his players with both their development and their relationships with the team being a priority. 

On April 2nd, Carlise tested positive for COVID, so Mosley had to assume the head coaching position for their matchup with the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Mosley was able to coach the Mavs to a win, and Luka Doncic offered praise for the assistant. “He’s got the things that are needed for a head coach,” ESPN’s Tim Machon tweeted. “He can be the head coach, for sure.” 

Mosley and Doncic show signs of having a good bond, with Doncic even posting a congratulatory tweet for Mosley’s new position.  

The Magic finished the NBA season with a 21-51 record, which is the third-worst of the league. Nonetheless, their team is still filled with young talent as they start to rebuild. 

The Mavericks will now be needing to fill one more coaching position after their hire of former NBA star Jason Kidd as the new head coach.  

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