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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Dallas Car Theft Increases Again in July

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District 1 Councilman Chad West | Image by Dallas City Hall

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Despite a slight dip in crime reports in the City of Dallas when comparing July 2022 to July 2021, Motor Vehicle Theft was not among the reductions. This problem has persisted throughout the year, and it showed no signs of stopping this summer: 175 more cars were stolen in the second month of summer this year than last year — an average of 5.64 more per day.

In June, car thefts grew from 2,166 to 2,341, an 8.07% increase. These numbers follow an uptick in that crime category in June (127 more, up from 1,978 to 2,105.) Time will tell whether Motor Vehicle Thefts will climb in the last month of summer 2022, though it seems likely based on the category’s past trajectory.

The Dallas Express reached out to Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and his office, asking if anything new had been added to the list of techniques to curb the car theft climb, but at the time of press, no comments had been submitted.

Last February, District 1 Councilman Chad West’s office told The Dallas Express that vehicle theft had increased across the entire city.

The Dallas Police Department attempts to curb the trend: When bait cars are available, the Southwest Patrol Division uses them to attract, arrest, and interrogate suspects in Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (UUMV) crimes.

West was named Crime Boss of the Month (CBOM) again in August, marking the fifth time he and District 1 have earned the dubious title since this feature’s inception in December ’21.

The Dallas Police Department conducted an e-Tag operation during January of this year in the southern part of the division to target UUMVs and were conducting similar operations throughout District 1 as the year wore on, reported The Dallas Express.

City of Dallas District 6 had the most car thefts for July 2021, clocking in at a total of 302. District 6 is led by Councilman Omar Narvaez. The Dallas Express reached out to Narvaez to see what was being done in his district to slow the car theft increases, but no comments were submitted by the time of press.

Motor Vehicle Thefts in July 2022 by district, ranked highest to lowest, are as follows:

  1. D6 – 302
  2. D2 – 277
  3. D7 – 257
  4. D14 – 252
  5. D1 – 202
  6. D3 – 189
  7. D8 – 160
  8. D13 – 142
  9. D11 – 137
  10. D4 – 127
  11. D5 – 88
  12. D9 – 86
  13. D10 – 66
  14. D12 – 52

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How did your area stack up on crime? Check out our interactive Crime Map to compare all Dallas City Council Districts. Curious how we got our numbers? Check out our methodology page here.

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John Coker
John Coker
30 days ago

What were the numbers for July 2022? The article doesn’t say.

Anna Williams
Anna Williams
Reply to  John Coker
29 days ago

Read the article it defines the crime rate.
Thank you

John Coker
John Coker
Reply to  Anna Williams
22 days ago

No it does not. You have to add all the number by district to get July numbers which are 2,337.

Anna Williams
Anna Williams
29 days ago

Wow, something is wrong! The new police chief who replaced Renee Hall has higher crime rates than she did.

What’s the problem. She told everyone to get in shape and the Department would pay for it. He came from a small city in California. Sir I feel your pain but you have to do better. Don’t blame Chicago this is Dallas. The City councilman why don’t you ride with the officers in your District.

Linda Seim
Linda Seim
28 days ago

My son’s truck was stolen by professionals right in front of his business on camera in less than three minutes. Onstar was disabled and it was unlocked electronically. Police responded two hours later and the tracking devices showed that it was already “chopped” by then. Apparently police know where the chop shops are but have been told to stand down. Someone needs to answer why.