Meteorologists are warning Dallas residents of the likelihood of severe storms moving into the region throughout the day, with chances of large hail increasing on the evening of April 18.

Thunderstorm activity is anticipated to increase as a cold front moves in that could generate large hail and tornados. Texas Storm Chasers posted on X today showing a weather map that puts the worst areas of the storm traveling directly over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Scattered severe thunderstorms are expected to develop after 3 PM and continue until a few hours after sunset in the Hill Country, Central Texas, North Texas, and the Ark-La-Tex. Large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rain are the main hazards,” they wrote.

Large hail was reported last month, with some areas receiving golf ball-sized hail. The storm destroyed a solar power farm, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. The National Severe Storms Laboratory explains on its website that hail is formed when raindrops are blown up into sub-freezing air drafts where they freeze. The hail stones continue to grow until their weight can no longer be held up by the storm’s updraft. High winds in storms lead to larger hail formation.

The National Weather Service indicates that severe tornadoes are unlikely in Dallas County. The most recent update to the Service’s tornado tracking indicates just three severe tornadoes as of January 2024. Small tornadoes with ratings of F/EF0 are more common. The Service reports 45 such tornadoes.

The NWS is warning of the possibility of damaging winds. The storm will continue throughout the evening, dying down in the early morning. Residents can expect relief from stormy weather on Friday before another round of thunderstorms moves through over the weekend.

The NWS reminds residents that during severe hail events, they should avoid windows and go to a small interior room. If hail starts while driving, the Service recommends stopping the vehicle and turning away from windows. Covering with a blanket is also recommended in case the windows are broken by hail.