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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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“Critical Race Theory” Gives Rise to Parent Activism

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A coalition of volunteer parents is collecting reports of instances when educators or administrators violate Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public school classrooms. Multiple violations have occurred in Dallas County schools, according to Natalie Cato, president of Save Texas Kids.

CRT educational proposals include teaching students that the history of America began with the arrival of black slaves in 1619, not 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, as is commonly held.  “The long-term goal of CRT is to undermine society and create perpetual guilt for some and low expectations for others,” Cato told Dallas Express. In July, Abbott signed a law prohibiting CRT curriculum in K-12 public school classrooms, but Save Texas Kids alleges there is no mechanism for enforcement.

“It is up to concerned parents, educators, and students to report instances of illegal teachings to the TEA,” Cato said in an interview. Punishment for teaching CRT in the classroom is something that would be determined by the TEA and the school district, according to Cato.

“We have been told of teachers asking kids if they’re sure they are really a boy or girl because they have shown interest in something that doesn’t fit the stereotype, and that is just grossly inappropriate and can lead to confusion and harm,” Cato said.

“Whether it be kooky sociologists wanting to indoctrinate our kids with CRT and gender fluidity, which teach our kids to hate themselves, their bodies, their families, and even to hate this country or GENECIS giving young children irreversible puberty blockers, which cause permanent mutilation to their young bodies– parents and educators must stand up and push back,” Cato said.

GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support (GENECIS) is the largest “endocrinology program in the Southwest for transgender and gender-diverse youth”, according to Dallas Children’s Medical Center’s website.

“These issues are linked to CRT because they both pertain to vulnerable children being exploited by predatory adults using them as test subjects for their radical theories,” Cato said. Save Texas Kids is waiting to file a complaint until a number of violations have been collected.

“As of now we have been organizing parental groups across the metroplex and are now giving parents, educators, and even students a safe place to report illegal actions by their schools, administrators, or teachers,” Cato added. “Save Texas Kids is about getting schools to stay true to their commitment to educate and not indoctrinate.”

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