VIDEO: Former SMU Star Sought by Dallas PD After Crash

Screengrab of footage from crash involving six vehicles
Screengrab of footage from crash involving six vehicles | Image by Bill Nabors

Dallas police are looking for former SMU star and current Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice in connection with a six-car pileup on the North Central Expressway that was caused when two cars collided while racing on March 30.

One of the vehicles involved in the collision is reportedly registered to Rice. According to witnesses and a video posted online, a Lamborghini and a Corvette were speeding in the left lanes of I-75 when the driver of the Lamborghini hit the center divider and lost control, triggering a chain reaction involving four other cars.

The occupants of the two speeding vehicles that touched off the vehicle pileup walked off the scene and did not stop to check on the occupants of the other four vehicles involved.

A driver of one of the other vehicles caught in the smashup expressed outrage that the suspects fled the scene.

“And I’m just driving, [minding] my business, and next thing you know, I got hit on the left-hand side,” Kayla Quinn told CBS. “I was just trying to make sure that my baby was okay. He was crying. He was shaking the entire time.”

“It makes me mad because the guys … no one stopped,” said Quinn. “No one stopped to even check.”

Quinn said her vehicle was totaled, but she and her 4-year-old son sustained minor injuries.

WFAA received dashcam footage capturing the moment of the accident that shows how devastating the crash was.

The video also shows two men leaving one of the wrecked cars, but it is unclear if Rice is one of the suspects. Police have not confirmed if Rice was involved.

Two people were treated for minor injuries at the scene by paramedics, and two others were transported to a local hospital, also with minor injuries. The exact nature of the injuries has not been disclosed.

According to reporting by CBS Sports, Rice has retained legal counsel. It is unclear why he has yet to speak with Dallas police about the incident.

Penalties in Texas for fleeing the scene of a crash vary depending on the severity of the incident. Since police are reporting only minor injuries, the drivers of the two vehicles responsible for causing the crash could face county jail felony charges, which may involve fines or jail time, according to a fact sheet produced by Odessa-area attorney E. Jason Leach.

Rice was a star at SMU and was drafted in the second round of the 2023 draft. He set a rookie record for most postseason receptions during the Chiefs Super Bowl-winning 2023 season. Rice grew up in North Richland, Texas, and attended Richland High School before attending SMU.

This developing story will be updated as new information is available.

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