Suspected Shooter Threatens to Jump Off Building

Police bringing the suspect down | Image by NBC 5 DFW

A suspected shooter stood on the roof of an apartment complex for several hours in northeast Dallas on Wednesday, threatening to jump off.

Residents called the police to 4800 Alcott Street after hearing a disturbance involving a man and woman arguing inside a Jeep Wrangler. The man was reportedly shot, and the woman exited the Jeep and ran off,  per NBC 5 DFW.

Police arrived on the scene and located the suspect on the roof of a nearby apartment building, threatening to jump. SWAT was called to the building, leading to an hours-long standoff between law enforcement and the suspect.

The shooting victim was sitting against a tree in the area, shouting for someone to call 9-1-1.

A cellphone video recorded by a witness showed the suspect dashing out of the vehicle’s driver seat and running toward the apartment complex, as reported by NBC 5. She was wearing a red sweatshirt, grey sweatpants, and black socks with no shoes. The police later found the sweatshirt on the ground as the suspect stood on the roof of the building wearing a sports bra.

The man can be heard in the video crying out for help. According to witnesses, a maintenance worker in a golf cart helped the victim, per NBC 5.

SWAT negotiated with the woman for three hours before finally convincing her to get off of the roof. The Dallas Fire Department used a bucket truck to help the woman off the roof.

The suspect’s identity has not been publicly disclosed, and it is unclear if she will face any charges.

The shooting victim was hospitalized for his injuries and is expected to recover.

While Dallas has seen some progress made against violent crime rates this year, overall crime remains high, as reported by The Dallas Express.

A City analysis recommended that the DPD employ around 4,000 officers for optimal enforcement; however, the department only fields around 3,000 officers.

Additionally, the Dallas City Council recently approved a budget of $654 million for DPD this fiscal year, significantly less than the spending on police seen in other high-crime municipalities, such as Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.

These factors have hindered DPD’s crime-fighting efforts, as seen by the high crime rates in Downtown Dallas. The downtown area regularly logs more crime than neighboring Fort Worth’s city center, which has a dedicated police unit and private security guards to patrol the area.

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