Pharmacy Burglary Sparks High-Speed Chase Across Metroplex

Screengrab of the surveillance video at the pharmacy | Image by WFAA

Two alleged pharmacy thieves are on the run after reportedly leading police in a high-speed chase that ended in a crash in Dallas in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Arlington and Mansfield police officers responded to two different pharmacy break-ins allegedly involving the same culprits.

The owner of a pharmacy located in the 8200 block of Matlock Road alerted the Arlington Police Department that she had spotted two suspects attempting to break into a safe on the security camera, according to WFAA.

Officers responded at approximately 5:35 a.m. and found the pharmacy’s front door had been damaged. The suspects had allegedly already fled the scene in a white Chevrolet Malibu, just making off with some prescriptions.

Shortly after, the suspect’s vehicle was flagged by Mansfield police in connection to another pharmacy robbery. Officers spotted the Malibu and gave chase until the suspects crashed in Dallas, not far from the intersection of Crozier Street and Elsie Faye Heggins Street. This is located in Council Member Adam Bazaldua’s District 7.

The investigation is still ongoing as police search for the suspects, who reportedly fled the scene of the crash on foot.

Incidents of theft have made headlines in North Texas lately, with stores seemingly becoming an easy target. Some criminals shoplift from stores, many of which have policies banning employees from intervening in shoplifting incidents. Others rob shoppers in store parking lots. As previously covered by The Dallas Express, organized crime rings are believed to be behind the latest surge in such offenses.

Local authorities have aimed to fight theft by setting up collaborative initiatives with the community. For instance, Collin County law enforcement agencies have come together to enact Santa’s Theft Operation Plan, engaging retail workers and undercover police officers to unmask shoplifters, as reported by The Dallas Express.

Moreover, Keller police have launched Operation Gift Guardians to deter porch pirates by allowing online shoppers to have their packages shipped to its headquarters. Volunteers will put packages in a safe location until their owners come to collect them, with photo ID required.

In Dallas, manpower issues have dampened the Dallas Police Department’s efforts to curb crime in the city. DPD currently fields around 3,000 officers, whereas a City report recommended a force of 4,000 to promote public safety. Downtown Dallas sees significantly higher crime rates than Fort Worth’s downtown area, which is reportedly patrolled by a dedicated police unit working alongside private security guards.

Citywide, as of December 7, the City of Dallas had logged 26,343 incidences of larceny/theft and 2,173 robberies, according to its crime analytics dashboard. Yet motor vehicle theft is most common in Dallas, with 17,588 offenses reported for a year-over-year rise of 41.1%.

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