Officer Recovering After Allen Mass Shooting

Allen Police Unit | Image by Allen Police Department

Regular citizens are not the only ones feeling the effects of the nation’s most recent mass shooting.

The officer responsible for killing the Allen Premium Outlets’ assailant, later identified as Mauricio Garcia of Dallas, has chosen to remain anonymous as he continues to process the events of May 6, according to Fox 4.

The officer had been on the scene responding to another call when the shooting began.

This unnamed officer was able to neutralize Garcia about two minutes after he had opened fire.

Garcia, 33, who had been convicted of prior criminal offenses such as burglary and public intoxication, killed eight people and injured many more, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Regional Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety Hank Sibley said at a news conference that the unnamed officer saved “countless lives” through his quick actions.

“If he hadn’t have been there, I think we’d have had a much more severe situation,” Sibley said, reported AP News.

Zack Horn, the attorney for the officer, told Fox 4 that the unidentified officer had sprinted toward the danger while others had fled.

“He’s a brave servant with a gentle heart and embodies the best the law enforcement profession has to offer,” said Horn, according to Fox 4. “He’s doing well and would appreciate privacy as he continues to process this life-altering tragedy,” he continued.

U.S. Rep. Keith Self, who represents Allen, delivered a statement commending law enforcement for their quick actions.

“We need to keep the families impacted by this tragedy in our prayers. We will never know how many lives were saved by the swift actions of our first responders,” said Self, according to AP News.

Cheryl Jackson, the organizer of a memorial for those killed, told The Dallas Express that she hopes that people do not become complacent or “numb” to the events of May 6.

“That’s what everybody else is saying. ‘When will it stop?’ ‘How will this end?’ And, ‘will it ever end?’” said Jackson.

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