New Crime Trend Leaves EV Charging Stations Vulnerable

Row Of High Speed Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | Image by Grumeti Media
Row Of High Speed Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | Image by Grumeti Media

Criminals and vagrants on the hunt for some easy money are apparently targeting EV charging stations, ripping the cables out to sell the copper inside as scrap metal, ZeroHedge reports:

“Targeting EV charging stations is nothing new (read here). Still, thieves are noticing copper prices moving higher, mainly due to strained mining supplies and robust demand for powering up America in the digital age. And this trend might spark concern with Elon Musk, as his Tesla Superchargers are being targeted in imploding California.

“One Bay Area Supercharger Station had all charging cords severed. This is terrible news for EV drivers rolling up with low battery.

“EV blog Teslarati said thieves are targeting Tesla Superchargers across several states: It now seems this is a new form of attack on Tesla Superchargers, as another identical incident occurred last week in Houston, Texas. Thieves also cut the charging cables in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earlier this year.”

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, crime in Dallas has been on the rise over the last several years as the Dallas Police Department continues to grapple with its roughly 1,000-officer deficit. To read more about the public safety situation in Dallas and around the metroplex, click HERE.

To read the entire ZeroHedge article, please click HERE.

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