Most Dallas Murder Victims Are Black

Crime scene with dramatic lighting | Image by Fer Gregory, Shutterstock

More than half of all the murder victims in Dallas since the beginning of the new year were black, a disquieting fact that hits all the harder considering City leaders have spent so much time on their Racial Equity Plan and invested in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies.

According to The Dallas Express Murder Graphic, which was updated Friday and is based on data from the City of Dallas Open Data crime analytics dashboard, 15 of the 29 murders (52%) involved the killing of a black person.

Ten of all murder victims were Hispanic white (34%), two were non-Hispanic white (7%), and two were labeled “other” (7%) by the City.

At a glance, these figures suggest Dallas is a very dangerous place for people of color, with black and Hispanic people making up a combined 86% of murder victims.

Meanwhile, city council members make symbolic gestures and create new bureaucracies that make no meaningful impact on the number of lost lives suffered by Dallas’ black and Hispanic communities.

The Dallas Express discussed the racial demographics of this year’s murder victims with Rosalyn Clough-Hilburn, the senior pastor at Wheatland United Methodist Church, which is located in City Councilman Tennell Atkins’ District 8 in South Dallas.

As it happens, Atkins’ district is clocking the most murders (5) so far this year. Out of the five, four victims were black, and one was Hispanic.

Clough-Hilburn told The Dallas Express about the crucial role faith communities can play in preventing violent crime, especially in a day and age when news headlines can easily stoke division in communities all over the country.

“We understand that crime is usually concentrated in underserved communities and that there are specific events, locally and nationally, that have an effect on criminal activity,” she said.

“Faith communities hold a crucial role in efforts to mitigate crime by leveraging partnerships, to include policing and social service agencies, to develop unified strategies to combat violence and crime in our communities, promote the well-being and restoration of individuals within the community and strengthen family relationships,” she said.

Hopefully, the city council will listen to community leaders like Clough-Hilburn before more black lives are senselessly lost.

The Dallas Express reached out for comment from City Councilman Atkins but did not receive a reply by press time.

As it stands, through Thursday, murders are up by 16% year-to-date over 2022, according to City data.

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  1. Rhea

    What color are the people that are killing the people of color?

    • Bill

      Typically people are killed by the type of people they associate with. POC are nearly exclusively killed by other POC.

    • Lyndsay

      Funny how they forget to mention that.

    • John

      Same colors

    • r.nicole

      Blac,WHITZ,HIZPANICS, LATINOS, it is a religious political terrorists group operating the international drug and human trafficking baby ring terrorists operation

      Relatives are CPS, law enforcement, members of Congress, Verizon EMPLOYEES,military, correctional officers,probation and parole officers

  2. Mary

    Any death is sad. Please stop killing people.

  3. Bill

    Does anyone find it the least bit interesting that most all of the crime is committed by blacks and is black on black while the folks in charge push de-funding police and hire DA’s that are soft on crime. Blacks make up less than 13% of the population. Democrats want to keep the black man down and dependent on the left. This leftist idea of BLM has backfired on the black community. They aren’t giving you a hand up, they are keeping you down all the while riling you up.

    • Lyndsay

      AMEN Bill!!! You nailed it exactly!!! Of course they don’t mention it’s blacks killing blacks. This spike in crime over the past couple of years in Dallas has been fueled by the county turning blue and now by the insane leaders wanting to defund the DPD. No other explanation. God help us.

  4. Bret

    The up tick of violence in blue controlled cities is a direct link to their policies. Now they are trying to fix what they caused. Good luck.

  5. John

    It is not the Police killing these people. It is their own people mostly in their own demographic. Police are being restrained by media sensationalism, lawsuits for doing their jobs and the manipulation of those committing crimes against those trying to stop it. Let us all WAKE UP.

  6. RSW

    Headline makes complete sense, since the majority of the criminals are black.

    • RiverKing

      My first thought on reading the headline was a sarcastic “No kidding!”.

  7. Pap

    Saw a clip of the Hodge Twins where they stated that something like 52% of the murders in this country are committed by 8% of the black male population. It’s been a while since I saw it and the percentages may be a smidge off, but not much. Look at south Chicago. They’re killing each other right and left.

    This article is right up there with dems giving a number for the amount of people killed with guns. But they fail to mention that they are including suicides in that number. Suicide is not murder. (Of course, dems like playing with words, so to justify what they’re saying, before long they will probably want to change “suicide” to “self-murder”. Just like “global warming” to “climate change”…doesn’t that just envelope everything? “Illegal immigrants” to ” undocumented”.) People have turned into conformist morons.

  8. R Reason

    There’s nothing more amusing than a room full of white folks doing a CRT examination.

    • R Reason

      …very woke

    • Scooterville

      A roomful of corporate media white, brown and black talking heads pretending to be ignorant about BLM leadership’s blatant embezzlement is pathetically way funnier.

  9. micah

    What disturbs me the most is the ideological blockade that holds Black men, hostage. We can’t even so much as pull up in our driveway without the chance a criminal will gun us down. We can’t have safe streets because that doesn’t factor into the designs many knee-jerk trust-funded progressives have for us. We deserve to be able to go to work, get home and raise our families without getting murdered by anyone who chose a life of crime…but if we stand for *exactly* that(safe passage and safe neighborhoods)…we are suddenly cast as authoritarians who want to destroy democracy.

    Most Black men in Dallas are good decent and extremely hard-working people.

    Increased enforcement of the law cannot be the only answer…we have to look at the systemic rot occurring in these risky neighborhoods and get the institutions revitalized.

    We should also dramatically increase surveillance…where we have better reactive nighttime illumination and higher resolution cameras that can help apprehend criminals.

    What will not work is blaming Black people who get murdered by other Black people, or blaming everything and everyone Black for the criminals among us.

  10. Darrell Tha G

    I remember when it was 99.99999% of blacks being killed by whites!
    Now you want to focus on who’s killing Blacks! But for centuries we swept that number under the rug.
    White people are sick and demonic! And the privilege stinks to high Heaven!
    What do you expect when a race of people were denied freedom, education, resources, basic rights, and kept ignorant?
    You guys are stupid! You guys created this situation, and now you blame the victim.
    And no, I’m not anti police or law and order, but you are who created who we are!
    It’s a miracle that any of us have made it in this society.


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