Man Killed, Woman Injured in Shooting

Man Killed, Woman Injured by Same Bullet
Police car at night in the street. | Image by Daniel Tadevosyan, Shutterstock

An alleged shooter fatally injured himself while trying to kill a woman in Dallas, when a bullet he fired exited her neck and struck him in the leg late last month, authorities said.

Dallas police were called to the 2200 block of Medical District in response to a shooting. Upon arrival, officers saw a large amount of blood and a trail of blood in front of an apartment unit, but no one was inside.

Police then received a call from a neighboring hospital regarding a man and woman discovered in a car injured with gunshot wounds.

The man, identified as Byron Redmon, 26, allegedly shot the victim in the neck, according to the investigation findings. Redmon died at the hospital.

The woman’s identity or condition has not been released.

What the victims were doing at the time, how they knew one another, and what exactly caused the incident are all unknown. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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  1. BillyMac

    Must’ve caught a ricochet- that hit him in the femoral artery. That’s the law of unintended consequences in action!


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