Man Allegedly Shot by Driver He Rear-Ended

car accident
Shooting after Oak Lawn car accident. | Image by FOX 4

A car accident landed a man in the hospital early Sunday, not for injuries sustained in the crash but for bullet wounds.

The incident, which was partially caught on a Ring doorbell camera, took place off Congress Avenue and Douglas Avenue in an Oak Lawn neighborhood, according to Fox 4.

When law enforcement agents arrived on the scene, they found a male victim who had been shot multiple times.

The man, whose identity has been withheld, allegedly rear-ended another man who was driving a 2017 Audi A4, according to Dallas Police Department.

The driver of the Audi is said to have fired 13 shots, four of which struck the victim, according to police.

Police identified 39-year-old Warner Portis as the suspect in the shooting and arrested him at the scene. He allegedly confessed to the shooting.

DPD officers claimed that Portis told them that he feared for his life, Fox 4 reported. He thought the other man had a gun and wanted to confront him, they said.

DPD spokesman Brian Martinez spoke to The Dallas Express and gave an update on the condition of the victim.

“The victim was taken to a local hospital in critical but stable condition,” said Martinez.

Portis has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, per Fox 4.

DPD officers took Portis into custody on the evening of February 26, and he posted a $50,000 bond shortly thereafter.

The incident occurred in District 2, which is represented by Jesse Moreno, who has won The Dallas Express’ distinguished Crime Boss of the Month title multiple times. In January, District 2 logged the most reported incidents in the city at 1,110 offenses.

Violent crime continues its onslaught in Dallas as the city council neglects to take any effective action to better support police or to fight crime.

Assaults have increased by nearly 13% this year, according to a Compstat Daily Crime Briefing from DPD. Violent crime in the city is up nearly 7% over the same period last year.

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  1. Valary West

    Lucky victim that the shooter was such a bad shot! Hopefully he recovers. And his offense was following too closely? If the victim was really intending harm, I hope the shooter takes the opportunity to improve his aim.


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