Local Police Respond to ‘Assault Rifle’ Shooter Threat

Firearms confiscated from individual making threats on Sunday. | Image by Christopher Cook/Twitter

Local police acted quickly to diffuse a volatile situation involving an individual who was allegedly making threats while carrying several firearms Sunday afternoon.

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook applauded the actions of the officers who responded to the high-stakes situation at a residence in the 9200 block of Dale Lane.

An individual living in the home had called 911 after a personal dispute over a mutual female friend allegedly brought him into conflict with another man. Reportedly in a panic, he told the police that the man had threatened him with violence.

As Cook explained in a post on X, the social media formerly known as Twitter, the officers “arrived just in time as [the] suspect had walked to the victim’s front door armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, and handgun.”

Faced with a potential shooting threat on the doorstep of a residence, the seven responding officers ordered the man to drop to the ground and keep the weapons — which were purportedly found to be loaded — holstered.

“Thankfully, this suspect complied with the overwhelming force and was taken into custody without incident,” Cook reported.

The suspect was ultimately arrested on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon, possession of a controlled substance, and making a terroristic threat.

“This showcases the types of situations our officers face on a routine basis. I am thankful this suspect complied with [officers’] commands,” noted Cook.

In the month of October, White Settlement logged a total of nine violent crimes, whereas Dallas clocked 725, according to the City’s crime analytics dashboard. Weapon law violations have also been a problem in Dallas, with authorities recording 2,017 incidents so far this year.

The Dallas Police Department has struggled to grapple with certain categories of crime, as covered by The Dallas Express. One study comparing Downtown Dallas to Fort Worth’s downtown area, which is reportedly patrolled by a dedicated police unit working alongside private security guards, revealed significantly higher rates of offenses in the former when it came to assaults and motor vehicle thefts.

Contributing heavily to DPD’s challenges has been an ongoing shortage of officers, with just 3,200 sworn-in staff currently serving in the department despite a previous City report recommending a force of 4,000.

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