Local Police Arrest Alleged Child Predator

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Police in Collin County arrested 40-year-old Cedric Johnson, alleging he has sexually abused several children.

Johnson was exposed to law enforcement when one of his alleged victims told a school counselor about their abuse.

After speaking with the victims, police believe the minor was regularly sexually abused by Johnson.

Police arrested Johnson late last week, finding him in a vehicle with a second underage child thought to be in danger of abuse.

Police detained Johnson in the Collin County Jail and charged him with continuous sexual assault of a child under 14.

Investigators have asked the public to contact the Wylie Police Department with any pertinent information as they attempt to determine if there are more victims of Johnson’s alleged abuse.

According to the Dallas City data, rape is up 28% year-to-date. Fondling is up 25%.

The Dallas Police Public Information Officer provided an explanation for rising assaults, citing warm weather and the end of COVID-19:

“A number of factors can contribute to a rise in crime. In this case – some contributing factors could be more people are reporting these crimes, more temperate weather than last year during the same period, and an increase in the number of people going out post-Covid.”

The officers also provided a list of tips for citizens to keep themselves safe:

“In terms of measures to keep yourself safe –

  • Stay with your group when going out.
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended.
  • Stay away from walking alone late at night.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Share your location with a friend.
  • Ensure you get in the correct Uber or Lift vehicle, i.e., verify the make/model.
  • Take a picture of the vehicle and driver. If you feel you are the victim of any crime – contact your local police department, and they will assist you.”

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