A man was killed after a Fort Worth police officer shot him on Saturday.

Fort Worth police said a woman called 911 at about 11 p.m. on October 15 to report that her adult son was damaging her home with a hammer. Over the phone, the suspect was heard threatening to hurt his mother if any officers came to the house.

The woman was later identified as Tijuana Bryant; her son was identified as Taylor Grimes, 29.

Officers responded to the home in the 4000 block of Wiman Drive. Upon arrival, Grimes allegedly came to the door with a handgun, according to police. He then closed the door and did not exit the house despite attempts to convince him.

A SWAT unit and hostage negotiators arrived at the address and tried to get Grimes to surrender and allow Bryant out of the house. He later allowed Bryant to exit the house, but as she left, he allegedly stood in the doorway pointing his gun at an officer, per police.

In response, the officer in question opened fire at him, striking him fatally.

Grimes was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bryant later told WFAA that her son had gotten upset that day about not getting money after she sold a car. She clarified that she was not a hostage in the situation and had, in fact, wanted to stay with her son during the standoff and negotiation. However, he pushed her out of the house.

The grieving mother described Grimes as the gentlest of her five sons. She explained that he had been struggling with suicidal thoughts before the incident; he spoke of dying on the day of the incident.

“When I looked into his eyes, he wasn’t my son,” she said. “That wasn’t the Taylor I’m used to.”

Dr. Alex Del Carmen is a law enforcement expert who helped audit the city’s police department. After investigation, he said Grimes’ case allowed little opportunity for intervention.

“It sounds like it could be suicide by cop,” Del Carmen said.

While Bryant stated that she does not blame the police for what happened, she wishes the situation had turned out differently and her son had gotten the help he needed.

Further details about the case are not known as the police investigation is ongoing.