Local Contractor Allegedly Stole Millions


Zachary Dixon Parker | Image by Parker County Sheriff's Office

A 43-year-old contractor was arrested on theft charges after allegedly bilking a North Texas RV park out of more than $3.5 million in March of 2021, the Parker County Sheriff’s Office announced.

Zachary Dixon Parker was arrested on Monday, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO). Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier said the victim reported that he had hired the suspect as a contractor for a local RV park’s development in March 2021.

Authier told The Dallas Express he was unaware of any bigger monetary scam in Parker County, located nearly 40 miles west of Fort Worth.

Parker allegedly entered into a contract with the RV park, took the victim’s money, and started the job but refused to complete it once he received the funds, the PCSO said.

Parker allegedly ceased all communications and ignored demands to complete the project or return the money.

PCSO investigators reviewed documents, proposals, invoices, statements, bank records, and other evidence. They claim that Parker did some of the work on the contract but stopped after getting paid more than $3.5 million.

Investigators from the PCSO allege that Parker bought jewelry, art, food, animals, heavy equipment, and other personal items with the victim’s money. Investigators also believe that Parker used the victim’s money to pay for projects and debts for other clients before he started working on the project for the victim.

The victim had to pay another contractor to finish the job.

PCSO investigators claim that Parker did not pay the supplier for the materials used on the project, and the supplier put a lien on the victim’s development as a result. PCSO investigators allege that Parker lied when he made out the invoice, and none of the money went toward the materials he said he had purchased for the job.

The victim said that, after the initial clearing and digging, no work had been done on the project, even though the payment had already been made.

Investigators obtained financial records for Parker and found three bank accounts.

The victims’ money was put into one of Parker’s accounts at Barbwire Oil & Gas LLC. This account was directly linked to Parker. As of November 2022, the bank account had no money in it.

Investigators found that Parker had two more bank accounts with balances of $601.92 and $55.26.

A five-year background check on the suspect showed that Parker was listed as a manager, director, governing member, or member of at least 16 Texas LLCs. Most of these businesses are no longer in operation. During this time, at least 13 civil judgments have been made against the suspect or the companies he worked for. The total amount of money owed is more than $15 million.

Parker was taken into custody on Friday on two charges of theft over $300,000.

Parker was given a $1.5 million bond. He was still locked up at the Parker County Jail as of Monday.

Sheriff Authier said that the ongoing investigation could lead to more charges.

North Texas has already seen an increase in crime in 2023, following a year of steadily rising crime rates. This rise in 2022 was especially notable in Dallas, where the city council and other elected leaders focused attention elsewhere and redirected resources from the city. Follow The Dallas Express and the Crime Boss series for more transparent reporting on the matter.

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Esther J Brown-Trollinger
Esther J Brown-Trollinger
1 month ago

I’m sorry but it seems like the county/city/state has to take some responsibility in this crime. The article stated that ‘Parker was listed as a manager, director, governing member, or member of at least 16 Texas LLCs. Most of these businesses are no longer in operation’. Red flags were flying prior to this man filing for a permit to operate under his current company name. It is like the city gave him a license to steal. Maybe the county/city/state need to look into their licensing conditions before granting these people a license to operate! These guys know that when they fail in one business, they shut down and open a new business under a new name and continue their thievery. We pay taxes for our government to protect us from this. Maybe when the county/city/state get named as the defendant in these cases, they will do their job Properly!

Reply to  Esther J Brown-Trollinger
1 month ago

When the state of Texas begins requiring all contractors to be licensed & bonded it will help squeeze out the crooks, their poor performance & terrible workmanship.
The RV developer should have not prepaid the crooked contractor and require the contractor to put up a performance & payment bonds. Unfortunately the world has many greedy businessmen who prey on the un-informed or un-experienced.