The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for information about a Fort Worth man involved in an alleged DWI crash early Monday morning.

The suspect, 18-year-old Aaron Richard, was involved in a major crash on FM 2871 near I-20 just before 2 a.m., per Fox 4 KDFW. Deputies responding to the scene of the crash noticed that Richard had “a large amount” of dried blood on himself and his truck, but they do not believe the blood was Richard’s or that it was related to the crash.

Richard’s vehicle was the only one involved in the crash that the deputies responded to.

Officers said the suspect was “uncooperative” and refused to tell them where the blood originated, according to a social media posting by TCSO. He was arrested on DWI charges.

Deputies observed “noticeable damage to the driver’s side door, the tailgate, and the front left quarter panel” and found dried blood along the driver’s side A-frame and on the outside of the truck bed.

Investigators hope to get information from the public on what happened and where the blood may have come from.

Richard’s truck is a single-cab 1997 Chevrolet pickup with a Texas license plate reading DFH2650. He was carrying a traffic cone in the truck bed, and the pickup’s rear window had writing on it.

Police did not say whether they believe anyone was injured in the collision.

According to the TCSO social media post, Richard bonded out of jail on June 26.

“We still need your help,” the sheriff’s office posted on their social media.

Community members with any information related to the case are asked to call the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division, at 817-884-1305 and reference Report #2024-08630.