DART Bus Stolen for Joyride; Suspect Arrested

DART Bus | Image by Wangkun Jia, Shutterstock

An erratic driver stole a DART bus and drove recklessly through parts of East Dallas this weekend, hitting several vehicles and a bicycle.

According to the Dallas Police Department, officers responded to a report of a stolen paratransit bus at the Old East Dallas’ DART facility at 11:30 p.m. Sunday. The suspect drove down Good-Latimer Expressway to Central Expressway. According to DPD, the bus made contact with several vehicles, a stop sign, and a cyclist who was not hurt.

Officers later identified the suspect as 26-year-old Charles Tisaby, whom police confirmed hotwired the bus for the joyride before crashing it and fleeing the scene on foot.

Police apprehended Tisaby after he attempted to enter several apartment homes. He was arrested near Swiss Avenue and Bryan Street by Dorothy and Wallace Savage Park.

Officials charged Tisaby with two counts of resisting arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle. He is held at the Dallas County Jail under an unspecified bond.

DART spokesperson Gordon Shattles said this was the first recorded incident of someone stealing a vehicle from a DART paratransit facility.

The bus, however, was far from the first vehicle to be stolen in the City of Dallas this year. Auto theft is becoming increasingly common within city limits. As of May 1, motor vehicle theft in the City of Dallas was up 17.02% year-to-date, with 4,999 such cases in 2023 through May 1.

Updated crime information, such as the Dallas Police Department’s daily crime analytics dashboard, has been rendered inoperable due to an alleged ransomware heist and information heist claimed to be conducted by a hacking group known as Royal, as was previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Because of this, The Dallas Express utilized data from the Dallas Police Department’s latest crime data update on May 1.

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