The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a rise in “fake warrant” scams, WFAA reported.

The sheriff’s office sent out a warning last week saying it does not call residents and demand money be loaded onto Green Dot cards, gift cards, or account transfers over the phone to settle unpaid fines or escape jail time, the report stated.

TCSO added that scammers have been calling Tarrant County residents and saying they have unpaid citations, outstanding warrants, or failure to appear charges. The goal of the call is to keep residents on the line and encourage them to purchase a gift card or send money with Zelle or CashApp to pay for “outstanding fines.”

The sheriff’s office also added that the callers are using numbers that appear legitimate and urged anyone that feels they have been scammed to call TCSO. Those that live in unincorporated Tarrant County can contact sheriff’s deputies at 817-884-1213.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office lists five signs to look for if you believe you are being scammed. The website says if you spot any of the following signs, walk away.

  1. They initiated contact with you;
  2. They want your personal information;
  3. They dangle bait — usually money;
  4. You have to pay them before you get the prize or debt relief being promised;
  5. You have to wire money or send gift cards.