14-Year-Old Nicknamed ‘El Chapito’ Kills 8

A panoramic shot of Mexico City | Image by Marianna Ianovska/Shutterstock.

A 14-year-old boy nicknamed “El Chapito” has been arrested in Mexico for killing eight people around Mexico City, as reported by NBC 5 DFW.

Mexican authorities did not release the boy’s name. The child’s nickname, “Little Chapo,” is in reference to former drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. “El Chapo” is currently serving a life sentence in a “supermax” prison in Colorado following his 2019 conviction for drug trafficking and money laundering among other charges.

The incident took place near Mexico City in the suburb of Chimalhuacan on January 22 and appeared to be a drug-related killing, according to the Mexican authorities. Several other people were also arrested on drug-related charges.

The boy allegedly rode a motorcycle to the suburb and opened fire on a family during a birthday party. Five adults and two children were among those left wounded in the attack.

Mexican authorities have not yet released details of a motive, but Mexico’s violent drug gangs often carry out kidnappings and conduct contract killings.

This incident is not the first time a child or juvenile has made headlines for killing in Mexico.

Soldiers detained a 14-year-old boy nicknamed “El Ponchis” in 2010.

“El Ponchis” claimed he was kidnapped at 11 years old and forced to participate in decapitations. After serving a three-year sentence, “El Ponchis” was ultimately released in 2013.

As the drug war continues in Mexico, back in the United States, law enforcement continues its fight against the deadly drug fentanyl.

In the DFW area, federal and local authorities recently worked together to arrest 18-year-old Stephen Paul Brinson, who authorities believe to be the source of the fentanyl overdoses in Flower Mound.

This news comes as Dallas continues to see an increase in violent crime. Murder rates have increased by roughly 25% since last year, according to the Dallas Police Department’s Daily Crime Brief.

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  1. RSW

    Aren’t open borders wonderful? I say we should just let these criminals into the USA. OH wait, we already do! Where can I send a thank you card to the Liberal Democrats for ruining our country?

    • Janet

      I have a suggestion. Send it to the Governors and Legislatures of the states with “open borders”. Oh wait that would be “Conservative” Governors and Legislatures and you are looking for someone to blame for “ruining our country”. Maybe you should send a mirror too.

    • Anna W.

      RSW George W. Bush, Vicente’ Fox, Rick Perry and our Governor Abbott with his big guys like Dan Patrick do nothing too control the Border. The Border is a Texas problem. Didn’t our Governor hire a drug Boss to take care of the Border, where is he fishing with De Santis in those plastic white boots. He sure looked pretty!

      • Bill O. Wrights

        Someone failed civics class. The Federal govt owns the border. Texas has tried everything they can but the courts shut them down because they are a State trying to enforce border laws.

        Dang, don’t you hate it when facts get in the way of leftist dogma?

  2. ksm

    Dallas continues to see an increase in violent crime. Murder rates have increased by roughly 25% since last year”
    Unfortunate. Most of these are due to gun related violence. Passage of safe gun laws would certainly provide a safer environment for all of us. However, passage of safe gun laws is unlikely to happen any time soon.

    • Richard Hillery

      There ought to be a law against murder. Perhaps that might work better? The legal gun owners are not the ones murdering people.

  3. DFW Citizen

    Why call him El Chapito ? Mexico tends to idolize these heads of cartels and even make fun of them, many times giving the young criminals a reason to out do the former criminals, Why not call him for what he really is, a monster. Personally I don’t like the current waves of violence in Mexico as that has spread to USA and people become desensitized and later it becomes the norm for this type of behaviour. One strike and you’re out and capital punishment is the answer when dealing with people that are pushing fentanyl and also participate in murder for hire.

    • Pap

      Governor Abbott is trying to make pushing drugs like fentanyl a murder charge. The problem is, they can make the charges more harsh, but implementing punishment is more important but they’ll end up just getting a slap on the wrist. Any out and out murder that is proven without a shadow of a doubt, should receive the death penalty. This molly coddling criminals needs to stop. Idiot Creuzot wouldn’t allow the death penalty as a charge for the man that killed over 30 elderly citizens. He’s a serial killer, for Christ’s sake. He said he’s not necessarily against the death penalty. Well, what does he think warrants it, if not a killer of a multitude of people? Maybe if the man had been white, he would have probably had a different opinion.

      • Anna W.

        Pap the 18 year old from Flower Mound might get your wish. He was running a drug house and we don’t know how many children and adults he has killed with Fentanyl. Let see how many years he get.


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