What’s the Relationship Between Apartments and Crime?

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Candy’sDirt.com is taking a deep dive into one of the most pressing issues facing Dallas residents ahead of an updated ForwardDallas plan purportedly dedicated to increasing density — the relationship between criminal activity and apartments:

“Some longtime Dallas residents have made it clear they don’t want housing density or multifamily development in their single-family neighborhoods. Typically they cite potential impacts on traffic and property values. Few will say out loud that they’re concerned about living next to poor people or criminals.

“And while those conversations aren’t occurring frequently at recorded City Hall meetings, they are taking place.

“CandysDirt.com wondered if there’s any research to support a correlation between crime and housing density. We reached out to our sources at the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Communications and Marketing Department, and Planning + Urban Design. All responded quickly and were eager to help. However, none had a silver-bullet white paper or academic study to point us to, either corroborating or debunking the theory that apartment complexes attract crime.

“To find out for ourselves, we dug through hours of archived Public Safety Committee meetings and looked for independent research.

“Here’s what we found.”

To read the whole article, visit Candy’sDirt.com by clicking HERE.

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