A Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy helped save a 4-year-old when her mother ran to his squad car after the child became unresponsive.

Deputy K. Rose was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of E. Camp Wisdom Road and the Interstate 35 bridge on May 31, when a woman frantically exited her vehicle with the child in her arms running toward the officer, according to a press release.

The child was not moving and had a white foamy substance coming from her mouth. Rose immediately began CPR, patting the child on her back to clear any possible obstructions and doing chest compressions. After several chest compressions, the child regained consciousness.

Rose continued to monitor the child in the back seat of his squad car while they waited for an ambulance. Once emergency personnel arrived, paramedics evaluated the child. The girl eventually was transported to Children’s Hospital for further evaluation.

The Dallas sheriff’s deputy won the praises of his fellow officers, who commended him for his “quick actions and thinking under pressure in helping save the child who was clearly in distress.”