A proposed ordinance that would require vehicles to have valid registration if they are parked on a public street will move forward, according to a report by KERA News:

“City officials discussed the issue during a transportation and infrastructure committee meeting on Monday after receiving a memo referencing ‘numerous complaints’ over parked vehicles with expired registrations, expired license plates or no plates.

“The memo says many of the vehicles are “legally parked but are being left on the public street for repair and/or resale purposes. These activities lead to discarded vehicle parts and containers being left in and along roadway.”

“Transportation director Gus Khankarli said the proposed ordinance would allow city authorities to ticket and tow unregistered vehicles based on their Vehicle Identification Number.

“‘That is the intent is to to be able to do all these things here because currently there is a gap in the ordinance,'” Khankarli said.

“If the city council approves the ordinance, violators could be fined up to $500 for certain offenses.”

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