Trio of Unidentified Suspects Burglarizing Local Unlocked Vehicles

car burglaries
Photo of a suspect entering a victim’s vehicle. | Image by The Sunnyvale Texas Police Department / Facebook

For the past few days, the Sunnyvale Police Department has responded to numerous burglaries of unlocked vehicles parked outside residences, thought to be committed by the same three male suspects who have not yet been caught.

Sunnyvale is around sixteen miles east of Dallas, southwest of Lake Ray Hubbard.

According to a press release from the Sunnyvale Police Department on February 14, authorities have noticed that the string of burglaries has targeted only unlocked vehicles parked near residences throughout the town.

Cameras at some of the residences have captured footage in which three different male suspects can be seen committing the crimes. They are driving a newer-model white Dodge Charger. In videos and pictures, the Charger comes to a stop, and one suspect is seen leaving the getaway car to search for unlocked doors on vehicles.

When he discovers a door that is not locked, two more male subjects then exit the Charger, and the three begin to search the vehicle for anything of value to steal, including firearms, jewelry, and money.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), leaving a car door unlocked or keeping a set of car keys inside the car plays a major role in around half of vehicle thefts. In 2019, in the Lone Star State, over 17,000 vehicles were stolen because keys being left inside.

TDI emphasized how quickly a vehicle burglary can occur, explaining a suspect can grab valuables within seconds, and can do so even faster if they have help from other suspects.

Tracy Hicks, Sergeant for the Houston Police Department’s Auto Theft Crimes Task Force, stated there are five main areas a criminal will check when they first search for valuables: in the glovebox, in the center console, in the door panels, under the seats, and inside the seat pockets.

Hicks shared that firearms are a big target in vehicle burglaries due to their high resale value.

Authorities kindly remind citizens to park their vehicles in the garage if feasible and always lock the doors when you leave, even when parked at your own home.

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