Texas Gov. Candidate Will Not Face Charges in DFW Airport Confrontation

Allen West
2022 Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Allen West. | Image by WikiMedia

A Grapevine Municipal Court administrator has revealed that Texas Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Allen West will not be prosecuted for his involvement in a confrontation at DFW International Airport on November 3, 2021, per The Dallas Morning News.

According to a previous report by The Dallas Express, West released a statement on Twitter after the incident saying a man had yelled at him at the airport to put on his mask. West also claimed the man insulted him. 

West said he confronted the man who had called him an “idiot” and removed his mask.

“I pulled down his mask and said see, nothing happened,” said West.  

DFW Airport police responded at the scene and took a report from West and the man, later identified as Lawrence Eric Stern.

Stern had previously told The Dallas Morning News that he planned to press charges against West, claiming that the Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate violently tore off his mask.

Stern said he only recognized West after calling him an idiot, but he feels no regret about the interaction.

“I called him out, basically, because he was breaking the law already,” Stern told The Dallas Morning News in the interview. “All of the other 10,000 people I saw that day were complying.”

According to police reports, Stern told investigators he wasn’t hurt, and police did not find any marks on his face. Police also obtained video footage of the incident and found that both men did not have any physical contact.

West’s office released a statement following the incident stating, “West will not cave to bullying by progressive political punks. We look forward to a resolution on this matter, and as Governor, West will not tolerate abusive agitators. Rule of law and common decency will be defended.”

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  1. gary

    Mask mandates where never from law they were from beaureacats drunk with power.


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