Whether you are a STUDMFN or have a DADBAWD, you can’t say so on your personalized license plate, says the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The Texas DMV denied over 6,700 personalized license plate slogan requests in 2021, KVUE ABC reports, including such plate slogans as DADBAWD,” “STUDMFN,” “GOOBER,” and “HOTME5S.”  

The Texas Administrative Code has a laundry list of regulations a person applying for personalized plates must follow.

People in Texas cannot attempt to acquire “plate patterns that feature foreign or slang words or phrases, use phonetic, numeric or reverse spelling, acronyms, patterns viewed in mirror image, or use a code which only a small segment of the community may be able to readily decipher, that may be considered objectionable or misleading, including that the pattern may be viewed as, directly or indirectly,” according to the DMV.   

“The department may cancel any personalized alpha-numeric pattern that was issued if the department subsequently determines or discovers that the personalized license plate was not in compliance with these guidelines when issued,” The DMV says.   

Personalized plates in Texas cannot reference or make connotation to a sexual act, sexual body parts, excrement, or bodily fluids or functions, vulgarity, derogatory expressions against people, a reference to race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation whether the connection is derogatory or not; a reference to gangs, illegal drugs, or plates related to law enforcement, military branches, or other governmental entities and their titles.  

The DMV says that people denied their plates can appeal the decision to the executive director of DMV within 20 days of notification of the cancellation or non-issuance. Those whose plate requests were denied may receive a refund or select a new alpha-numeric pattern.   

Six staff members review personalized plate applications daily, Adam Shaivitz, a spokesperson for the DMV, told KCEN TV.   

Plate personalization became available in 1965 through the Prestige License Plate Act.