Tarrant County Jury Rules Against State Farm

State Farm Insurance
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A 2018 storm caused extensive roof damage to a Euless home. The plaintiff was represented by the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm PLLC. After a court case and a Tarrant County jury, State Farm will pay the homeowner’s insurance claim.

According to Chad T. Wilson Law Firm PLLC, on Sept. 17, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in the Euless resident’s favor citing that State Farm was liable on all counts and responsible for providing damages on each of those counts. The jury awarded over $24,000 in property damages that State Farm did not pay.

The jury also ruled that State Farm was responsible for various punitive damages for violations of the Texas Insurance Code. In addition, the jury found that State Farm knowingly conducted these acts and knowingly violated the insurance code.

The Euless homeowner received an estimated seven times the amount to initially repair their home.

According to attorney Chad T. Wilson, the plaintiff contacted his State Farm agent after noticing water coming into his home. While the water was not present during the storm, the storm caused the damage to appear a few months later.

At first, the plaintiff was told he had no claim. Not satisfied, he contacted the insurance company again, requesting an inspector. A week later, when the adjuster arrived, he “responded with weird explanations of what the water damage was.”

A few days later, the homeowner received a letter from State Farm stating there were no damages.

Requesting another adjuster, a revised damage claim of $550 and below the deductible was given to the Euless homeowner. Still not satisfied with State Farm’s response, he contacted Wilson for legal representation.

After a three-year legal battle, trial attorneys Amanda Fulton and Chad Wilson faced State Farm’s legal team in a Tarrant County courtroom. A jury sided with the Euless homeowner.

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