As if Dallas residents didn’t need anything else to worry about on top of the rampant criminal activity and pervasive homelessness that characterizes parts of the city, now a new study claims that residents in West Dallas are exposed to much more air pollution than everyone else in Dallas County.

This disparity in pollution is allegedly associated with a shingle factory in the area that has prompted community efforts to reduce emissions and clean up the city’s famous “shingle mountain,” which The Dallas Express has covered on more than a few occasions.

A study conducted by Texas A&M University appears to have found that people in the area are being exposed to roughly 11 times more “particulate matter” than the average Dallas County resident. People living in the vicinity are also purportedly being diagnosed with asthma at a significantly higher rate than others in the area.

KERA News covered this latest development. Here’s a bit about what the news outlet had to report on the matter:

“Residents living along the Singleton Corridor in West Dallas — including some who are near a decades-old shingle factory — appear to have a higher exposure to harmful air pollution and increased risks of respiratory illness. Those are among the findings in a new health study.

“The study also shows that most respondents to a survey included in the study say they believe the air is being polluted by nearby industry — and that they intentionally avoid outdoor activities and opening their windows due to fear of toxic air.

“Community members have long complained that heavy industry surrounding their neighborhood has been harming their health. That includes the rail line running along the corridor, batch plants — and the GAF shingle factory.”

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