SeeLife celebrated the passage of the Heartbeat Bill in Texas during its 2021 convention held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas last weekend. The convention is organized by Focus on the Family, a Christian organization. 

During the convention, Focus on the Family announced that they were donating a mobile ultrasound unit to five pregnancy centers operating on the border. 

Organizers of the convention noted that around seven thousand people attended the weekend event where many speakers, such as Nick Vujicic, CEO of Life Without Limbs, shared their stories. Life Without Limbs is an international ministry that shares Christianity through technology and a prison ministry. The convention also featured a concert by Christian artist Matthew West, a five-time Grammy nominee. 

Organizers of the event showed a 4-D ultrasound of a fetus in a womb just as they did earlier this year in New York City’s Times Square. The New York convention was titled New York Live and had an estimated twenty thousand people in attendance, with another 100,000 people watching the event online. 

Vice President of Communications for Focus on the Family Paul Batura said that organizers picked Dallas to host the SeeLife 2021 convention for a number of reasons, chief of which is the recently-passed Senate Bill 8. The bill, also known as the “heartbeat bill,” outlaws abortions after approximately six weeks and went into effect on Sept. 1. 

“We love Texas because it has shown to be a very friendly state to the pre-born, that’s one of the reasons why we certainly chose specifically Dallas and we celebrate with those individuals who passed that legislation,” Batura said.