Public’s Help Sought in Finding Woman’s Ring Containing Her Son’s Ashes

Missing ring
Image of the ring | Image by @SouthlakeDPS on Twitter

Southlake Police are seeking the public’s help in locating rings lost by a woman at Trader Joe’s at about 2:30 p.m. on February 18, one of which contains her son’s ashes.

According to a Twitter thread posted by Southlake Police, the woman explained that she parked her vehicle, a black Ford Focus, on the top deck of Trader Joe’s. She said the spot she parked is on the side facing Victoria’s Secret, about five parking spots from the front door.

The woman reported that she removed her rings after parking to put some lotion on, wrapping them in her shirt. However, she forgot to put them back on before exiting the car.

She said she realized the rings were gone as she got to the produce section inside the store. She quickly went back outside, towards her car, and found one of the rings. However, she didn’t see the others.

The woman said someone from inside the store told her that he saw an elderly couple stop their car while backing out to pick up something near her car. However, police, who believe that the rings likely fell out as she got out of the car, said the surveillance cameras do not capture the area near her car, so they are not able to corroborate the man’s claim.

According to Southlake Police, one of the missing rings is a 1.5-carat marquise diamond solitaire ring, with a total of 3.5 carats between the band and the setting. The ring was purchased from the Galleria of Jewelry (Jared).

The second missing ring is smaller, described as a custom 7/8th marquise diamond. It has two trillion-cut (triangular shaped) diamonds on the side with a yellow gold band, police said.

However, the second ring is the one she cares about the most, for a very sentimental reason.

“Our victim is distraught and rightfully so,” the department tweeted. “While the value of the rings is obviously important, she’s most heartbroken about the smaller ring pictured…because it contains her son’s ashes.”

Southlake Police are urging anyone with information about the ring to contact the department.

“We would love you to reach out and send us a message through our social media so we can reunite these irreplaceable and sentimental objects with their owner. We won’t ask questions,” the department wrote on Twitter.

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