Officials Seek to Clean Up Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping in the city is an eyesore and poses long-term effects to neighborhoods and health risks when trash, furniture, and other items litter the area.

Illegal dumping is defined as “the improper disposal of waste at any location other than a permitted landfill or facility.”

Trash placed in an unauthorized location is more than an eyesore. It causes a significant public health and safety concern. Illegal trash is a breeding ground for rodents and mosquitos, along with diseases.

To combat the increase in illegal dumping, the city has created a new hotline for residents to report illegal dumping.

The phone number 214-671-CODE (2633) is active for residents to connect with the Department of Code Compliance and report illegal dumping in the city.

By calling the hotline, residents can speak directly with a Nuisance Abatement Team member responsible for removing the waste.

Residents are familiar with calling 311 when they need assistance. While the 214-671-CODE number does not replace calling 311, its purpose is to provide faster service to residents and get illegally dumped trash and other items into a landfill instead of cluttering the city’s landscape and neighborhoods.

Illegal dumping is just one of the ten most reported code violations. Other code violations that keep city employees busy include high weeds, litter, obstructions in alleys, streets, sidewalks, signs in the public right of way, bulky trash, substandard and hazardous structures, junk motor vehicles, illegal outside storages, and graffiti.

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