Nikki Haley To Hold Campaign Rally in Dallas

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley | Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley is coming to Dallas next Thursday.

Haley’s campaign will hold a rally at Gilley’s Dallas South Side Music Hall on February 15 at 7 p.m.

“I’m excited that Nikki Haley is having a campaign swing through Texas,” said former Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, per The Dallas Morning News. “People need to wake up and realize that we have an alternative to Donald Trump.”

The Republican primaries in Texas will be held on March 5. Influential Texas Republicans have largely endorsed former President Donald Trump for the nomination.

Meanwhile, Haley has faced her fair share of obstacles.

In Nevada’s GOP primary on Tuesday, Haley lost to the option “None of These Candidates,” despite Trump not being on the ballot. “None of These Candidates” received about 60% of the votes, while Haley received about 30%.

Haley’s campaign responded with a statement calling the Nevada primary election “a game rigged for Trump.”

“Even Donald Trump knows that when you play penny slots the house wins,” the Haley campaign said, per ABC News. “We didn’t bother to play a game rigged for Trump. We’re full steam ahead in South Carolina and beyond.”

The Nevada Republican Primary has denied this allegation.

Last week, Haley indicated that she believes states have the right to secede from the United States. However, she later walked back those comments, saying they were misunderstood, as previously covered by The Dallas Express.

With the Texas primaries quickly approaching, DX has compiled what every voter needs to know going into the election. That information can be found here.

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