Man Who Left a Life of Crime in Need of a Kidney Donor

Man Left a Life of Crime in Need of a Kidney Donor
Depiction of kidneys in a human body. | Image by Peter Schreiber

Daris Lee was diagnosed with kidney disease twelve years ago. Since then, he receives dialysis three days a week.

His doctors have told him that he needs a donor as soon as possible. Lee is hoping for a New Year miracle that would give him a second chance at life.

“For me to get that kidney, it would be a second chance at life,” he said, as reported by CBS 11 News.

Lee’s blood type is B positive, and while he has not found a match yet, he is hoping and praying that a miracle will come soon.

Lee grew up in an underserved community in South Dallas, Bonton. When he was young, he began to live a life of crime. CBS 11 reports that he got sent to prison for aggravated robbery and drug possession at a young age.

Despite his younger years, Lee retraced his steps and turned his life around. Now, he is the manager of Health and Wellness at Bonton Farm.

Bonton farm is owned by Daron Babcock. Babcock and Lee have created a special bond from their time working together. “He’s just a brother to me; we’re friends,” Babcock said.

CBS 11 reports that the farm CEO tried to donate a kidney to Lee, but he was not a match.

Per CBS 11, Lee said that his body restricts him from doing the things he wants to do. “I got this strong determination to fix a lot of the things I broke,” he said, “so a lot of the times, my heart will be telling me to do something that my body can’t physically do.”

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