Man Jailed for Allegedly Killing Woman Outside Oak Cliff Restaurant

Exterior of a Dallas Williams Chicken restaurant. Image by Steven Monacelli

A man was arrested and booked into the Dallas County jail on Tuesday, Sept. 28, for his alleged role in the shooting death of a woman in east Oak Cliff.

On Tuesday afternoon, Edward Dominic Thomas, 31, was booked into the Dallas County jail for allegedly killing LaShanda Wilson.

Officers of the Dallas PD were called on Sept. 20 to a shooting incident that occurred at the drive-through of a Williams Chicken in the 2800 block of East Ledbetter Drive. Upon arrival, officers found Wilson, 41, dead in the parking lot at the back of the restaurant. Wilson had a gunshot wound to her upper chest.

Dallas police said a second woman was shot in the incident, but survived.

Security video in the area showed Wilson trying to intervene as her friend was attacked by two women, according to Thomas’ arrest-warrant affidavit.

Wilson’s friend told police that Thomas arrived with two other women and told them to assault Wilson when she tried to break up an altercation among the three women. Thomas can be seen in the video handing one of the women a stun gun that the woman eventually used on Wilson’s friend.

Upon hearing her friend’s scream for help, Wilson pulled out a handgun and fired two shots, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, Thomas went into a white Kia, grabbed a gun, and shot Wilson.

The affidavit further revealed that Thomas and the two other women went into the Kia and drove to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas because one of the women with him was wounded.

Dallas police received several anonymous tips that identified Thomas as the gunman. Detectives with the Dallas PD spoke to Thomas last week, but he denied being the shooter.

Thomas said he did not own a gun, but admitted to giving a stun gun to one of the women, according to his sworn statement. Thomas was released after his interview with the detectives but was arrested after a witness identified him in a photo lineup as the gunman.

Thomas remained in the Dallas County jail as of Thursday with his bail set at $500,000.

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