A man died in the hospital on Wednesday after being taken into Denton police custody the day before and reportedly experiencing an unknown medical episode.

Around 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Denton police officers responded to a disturbance call at a hotel in the 600 block of South I-35E. The 911 caller said someone was trying to get into his room. However, when Denton PD responded in person, the man told officers he was fine and did not need assistance.

Just 20 minutes later, around 11:40 p.m., Denton police received a disturbance call at the same hotel. This time the caller said they heard a commotion coming from a hotel room and described the inhabitant as “out of it.”

When officers responded to the second call, they saw two broken windows and a mattress on the sidewalk. They heard the occupant of the room screaming and requested medics to stand by.

Hotel personnel provided officers with a key to the room and informed them they wanted the man removed from the hotel and charged with criminal mischief. Meanwhile, the man inside was screaming incoherently and yelling for help.

When officers opened the door to the room and tried speaking with the man, he allegedly picked up a piece of the broken bed frame and threatened the officers. In an effort to de-escalate the situation, the officers left the room and returned to the hallway.

Shortly after, officers determined the man had gone into the restroom, and they re-entered. Inside, they discovered extensive damage to the hotel room, including a dismantled bed frame and blood on parts of the bed.

With the man in the restroom, officers again attempted to speak with him, but claim the man could not coherently respond. Officers reportedly heard glass shatter inside the restroom and saw a large piece of glass emerge from under the door.

Officers again exited the hotel room to isolate the male and allow him time to calm down. Attempts were made to negotiate from the hallway for an additional 30 minutes before the man seemed to calm down and become quiet.

When officers made entry, they found the man lying on the bed, sweating profusely. He allegedly requested officers shoot him. Instead, officers report they placed him in handcuffs without the need for force, as he did not resist. However, leg restraints were applied when the man apparently began rolling around and then tried to kick officers.

The man was physically restrained for his own safety, according to Denton PD.

Denton PD says the man then experienced a medical episode and became unresponsive. Medics, who were staged throughout the incident, transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

On Wednesday morning, medical personnel informed Denton PD that the man had died. His identity will be released once next of kin is notified.

Texas Rangers continue to investigate, and per department policy, Denton PD Internal Affairs is conducting a concurrent investigation.

The Dallas Express reached out to Texas Rangers for a status update, but they were not immediately available for comment.