Some Dallas residents are putting a property manager on blast over the purported conditions of their apartment complex.

They are reportedly alleging that living conditions at the Meadows at Ferguson apartments in northeastern Dallas are “deplorable and unsafe.” The tenants are being supported by the nonprofit Texas Organizing Project.

This is not the first time tenants in Dallas have taken to organizing to put a spotlight on their grievances. As previously reported by The Dallas Express, folks living near Bachman Lake worked for almost a year to bring attention to the deteriorating conditions of the buildings they were living in, even going so far as to petition the City to enforce code compliance.

A public-facing dashboard maintained by the City of Dallas tracks reported code compliance violations, with many thousands logged each month across the jurisdiction. Curiously enough, the City recently fell flat on its face earlier this year when it moved staff from the Development Services Department into a new building that had some 140 violations at the time of relocation. Staff members had to subsequently move out of the building.

Nevertheless, the people living in Meadows at Ferguson spoke with WFAA about their circumstances. Here’s a bit of what the news outlet reported on that:

“Families told WFAA that apartment units already struggled with rat and gnat infestations, water leaks and mold. Their units were made further uninhabitable, they said, by storm damage from the last week of May.

“A building at Meadows at Ferguson lost brick and wood from an exterior wall during the severe weather May 28. Nearly a month later, bricks and debris lay on the ground where it first fell.

“Brittany Williams lives in a first floor unit with her five children, which was directly impacted by the storms.

“Williams’ bedroom is on the other side of the immediate damage. Her bedroom is exposed to the outside elements, with rain or shine making its way into the unit, covering her furniture and clothes.”

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