IFMoves Creates Opportunities for Disadvantaged People and Animals

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As we head into our 16th month in this global pandemic, IFMoves continues to help people, and animals, despite the difficult times.

IFMoves, a Dallas-based 501(3)(c) nonprofit, provides healthcare assistance, education, and recreational activities to local Dallas communities and the people of Nicaragua.

While COVID-19 has interrupted their international travels, the organization still provides much-needed assistance to the Dallas community. They sponsor and facilitate local sports teams, food and toy giveaways, park beautification projects, and dog rescues.

“I found out that during COVID, everything shut down, including nonprofits. So places that normally had things going on, those were all gone. So it gave me a clear understanding of what the true needs were because in my opinion, during a pandemic is when you really need to have resources available.”

IFMoves originally came to be when Stephanie Hanson, president, and founder, witnessed cases of extreme poverty while on vacation in Nicaragua.

“I went and I ended up meeting a lady there, a single mom of three children. She had asked for some food so I got her some food. I asked if I could give her a ride to her home and when I saw she lived, oh my goodness.”

The woman lived in “sticks and tarp” and it took her two and half hours just to walk to the place where Stephanie ran into her. “I started thinking, ‘How is she going to support her kids? Even if she got a job how would she get there? And just so many things.’ So that’s when I started it.”

Since its inception, IFMoves has donated several crates of food, hygiene products, and clothing; helped build houses; plant gardens; taught English; facilitated sports teams; and, provide jobs for both Nicaragua and Dallas.

In addition to helping people, IFMoves has the initiative to rescue dogs throughout Dallas. Serving on the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission Board, Stephanie has rescued nearly 300 dogs who would have otherwise been left on the streets of Dallas.

Dowdy Ferry Rd. is an area notorious for dog dumping. As a result, many dogs are found run over or severely injured after being hit by cars driving by. Stephanie uses fosters to take care of the dogs until they can find a permanent home.

She is working on creating an animal sanctuary to provide them with permanent homes.

For more information on their cause, visit their website here.

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