Development Services Systems Still Struggling

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Dallas’ Development Services Department (DSD) is still struggling to regain full network functionality after an alleged cyberattack crippled City servers.

Two weeks after the alleged unauthorized network breach hit the City of Dallas, DSD is still experiencing network issues relating to the Development Services website, the online Project Dox permitting software, the Residential Permit Activity Dashboard, and even the Department’s Facebook page, which may or may not be related to the cyberattack.

As of the early morning on May 19, most of DSD’s online networks had been noticeably disabled or left nonfunctional. By mid-afternoon that same day, network connectivity issues had been fixed, and online access was restored.

These network issues pose a problem for building professionals and the development community, all of which rely on a responsive system and accurate and up-to-date information.

Due to these intermittent network issues, Development Services has notified customers about possible delays relating to application submittals, plan review, permit issuance, and payment acceptance.

This announcement comes just as DSD has started to make apparent progress in the backlogs and delays that have built up under City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

If customers have difficulty uploading their project’s drawing/plans online, Development Services says it will accept submittals in-person at the Oak Cliff Municipal Center, 320 E. Jefferson Blvd., 75203.

“Submitters will be contacted to remit payment when service is restored,” DSD said in a May 16 update.

However, “given the complexity of checking, cleaning, and restoring interoperability to remaining departmental devices, systems, and applications, it will likely take weeks to get back to full functionality,” the City of Dallas said on Monday.

In the latest update, the City of Dallas said it was “aware of a post from what appears to be the Royal ransomware group threatening to release city data.”

“We continue to monitor the situation and maintain there is no evidence or indication that data has been compromised,” the City of Dallas said in a statement on the network outage. “Measures to protect data are in place. Information will continue to be provided on DallasCityNews.net as the ongoing investigation of this criminal organization continues.”

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