Developer Backs Down From Neighborhood Fight

Stonelake Capital Partners hardhats
Stonelake Capital Partners hardhats | Image by Stonelake Capital Partners

Stonelake Capital Partners has withdrawn its plan to build a warehouse in southern Dallas, claiming it wants to avoid a conflict with the neighborhood’s residents.

Last month, The Dallas Express reported that a planned 200,000-square-foot facility was blocked by a Dallas County court after an initial proposal was rejected by City officials. The fight to block the development was led by Friendship-West Baptist Church, which is located adjacent to the now-defunct project site.

Initial opposition to the facility’s construction stemmed from concerns over heightened truck traffic on the surrounding neighborhood streets. Now, rather than appealing the latest decision, Stonelake Capital Partners has decided to scrap the project altogether.

A joint statement from Friendship-West Baptist Church and Stonelake Capital Partners posted on LinkedIn reads:

“Stonelake Capital Partners acquired a 20-acre property in 2021 along Interstate 20 which is fully entitled and required no change to the existing zoning. While Stonelake arguably has the property rights to build a warehouse, ultimately a warehouse is not what the community wants, and Stonelake does not desire to be in conflict with the community.”

The joint statement highlighted the “common Christian faith” shared between the two organizations, enabling them to keep “the lines of communication open in the hopes of resolution.”

The post finished by confirming that “Stonelake has withdrawn its application for a warehouse building permit and all litigation has been dismissed. We hope to work together toward an outcome for the property which is both beneficial and agreeable to the community.”

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