Dallas Poll Workers Urge Commissioners to Postpone Election Certification

Poll workers handle paper ballots | Image by Getty Images

Dallas residents urged the commissioners court to postpone the certification of the November 8 election votes and move to a paper system at its Tuesday meeting after election officials from multiple Dallas County locations reported exaggerated and inaccurate voter numbers from poll pads.

Multiple witnesses claimed to have seen the tabulators and poll books malfunctioning for hours. They later noticed that tabulated numbers were exceeding what was counted initially.

A.J. Mass, an alternate judge at the Exall Park Recreation Center, said at the meeting that her polling location had one tabulator and five poll books.

The total number of voters at her location on November 8 was 857, she said, but after the location closed, the five poll books reportedly showed numbers totaling over 2,000 voters.

“We then were put on notice that other locations were experiencing the same issue,” she said at Tuesday’s meeting. “As the numbers rose, one clerk noticed that there were mysterious voter names in the computer that she did not record onto the roster.”

The footage was captured of poll numbers and ballot numbers reportedly in Dallas County polling locations rapidly shifting.

Cindy Stairs, another alternate judge, described the events she witnessed as chaotic in comparison to her experience as a poll watcher in 2020.

“Total chaos in Central Count. I could not believe the change. I could track the boxes, the votes, and the thumb drives, to the downloads two years ago,” she said. “This time, there was no traceability.”

Multiple officials claimed similar results, claiming electronically tallied voter numbers vastly exceeding numbers recorded by onsite staff manually.

Deborah Waters, a polling clerk at the polling place at University Park at United Methodist Church, said she witnessed voter machine failures and poll books randomly jumping between voter numbers after the election closed after 7 p.m.

Waters also claimed her location was one of at least nine known to be experiencing the same issues.

After similar issues were encountered in Harris County, Governor Greg Abbott announced in a press release that the county would undergo an investigation.

“The allegations of election improprieties in our state’s largest county may result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct,” said Abbott in the release.

“Voters in Harris County deserve to know what happened. Integrity in the election process is essential,” he stated. “To achieve that standard, a thorough investigation is warranted.”

Dallas County voters had 452 polling sites to choose from on Election Day, according to the Dallas County Elections Office.

“A rise in just 1,000 votes undetected at each location could be the difference of an excess of 400,000 votes or ballots being issued across the county with no voter verification or registry log to back them up,” Waters said.

“Every citizen of Dallas County deserves to know that these numbers have been checked against official voter registry logs and not dismissed as a computer glitch,” Waters said. “This is a non-partisan issue.”

Dallas County Commissioners did not certify the election at their meeting on Tuesday.

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  1. Pap

    Hmm, maybe Creuzot didn’t win after all. Wishful thinking.

    • Janet

      Maybe Abboott didn’t win after all!

  2. Phillip Granderson

    Sounds like Governor Abbott should be made aware , if not already, so we can get to the bottom of these issues. Dallas County all blue?

  3. Bret

    More cheating by the left. I bet that Cheating is widespread through out every city, county, state and our country. It is their only hope.

  4. Michele Gulley

    Thank you for reporting on this! No matter who you support one should want the elections to be secure and accurate.

  5. Steve

    This won’t make it to ABC,NBC orCBS

  6. Bill Underhill

    The real questions is not what the poll book says, but what the tabulator says. You don’t vote in the poll book. There is a manual list (roster) of who actually voted. The list is usually within one or two votes of what the tabulator says. If the roster says you had 1,000 voters and the tabulator says, 1,200, you got a problem. There can be other issues with the poll book like dead people being able to vote, but that is not what we are talking about.

    • Charles Moncrief

      Did you see the part about where the pollbooks showed hundreds more names than the rosters?

      • Bill Underhill

        I did. Again, the important numbers are roster and tabulator. A high number on the poll book does not mean more votes. There can be poll book problems where you go to vote but the PB says you have already voted. Whatever is going on needs to be addressed. I am an election judge so I have an idea of how things work.

    • Sharon Shiell

      I witnessed in 2020 the EPB’s swapping the names of the voters, seemingly randomly. There was a news story about our location too but no one interviewed us as to what happened. They blamed it on clerk error, that we checked someone in as the wrong person but that wasn’t true. If we get the chance to get rid of the machines I think we should.

  7. Charles Moncrief

    I’m amazed that the Commissioners didn’t certify the election. For several years they’ve been so corrupt that they wouldn’t a little thing like election fraud stop them from certifying. 2018 is probably no longer in litigation because even the bench rodents at the Texas Supreme Court denied that the complainants had any standing.

  8. Bill Fox

    The Texas Secretary of State is a Republican and has already disputed these claims. More trash to shovel from this BS publication.

    And why would the left cheat when Dallas is predominantly blue? Why not cheat in a red part of the state to gain more votes? The lack of sound logic makes me question how some of you people function on a daily basis. Lol

    • Jim Enna

      Maybe Dallas County isn’t Blue?

  9. Bill Fox

    Further, Dallas County does not have a contract with the company that makes Poll Pads, so that video is also garbage.

  10. Darrell Day

    Somebody on here basically said “hey, we wouldn’t cheat in a blue county. Only in red counties.” No, elections are by and large FAIR in red counties.

  11. Darrell Day

    That poster didn’t condemn cheating. Or advocate that we examine it more closely. He just said that he’d be smarter about CHEATiNG. That mindset is disgusting. Stalin said he didn’t care who voted… only who counts the votes.

  12. Bill Underhill

    I think there is plenty of cheating going on around the country. 80-85% of elections that have long counts end up going to the Dems? Really! In Arizona it seemed like most of the problems were in Repub precincts on election day. Generally speaking I think Dallas runs a pretty clean operation, especially under Scarpello. Compare Dallas to Harris County which is a complete dumpster fire.

  13. athinkingwoman

    I always vote at my precinct on Election Day.
    It is not one of the pre-election sites.
    I always ask how many have voted so far.
    Last time I was #91 late in the day..
    This time, there were only 3 people ahead of me,
    and they could not give
    me a number at around 4:00.

  14. lolDWI



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