Dallas Police Looking for Two Suspects Who Shot 78-Year-Old Grandmother

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Dallas police are looking for two men who shot a 78-year-old grandmother at a west Dallas home.

The shooting incident occurred on Sept.16, just around 3 a.m., in the 3100 block of Conroe Street. Julia Savala, 78, was hit by a bullet in her arm while a second shot lacerated one of her legs.

Salva, who suffers from dementia, could not be operated on because her poor health could not tolerate anesthesia.

Dallas police released footage that showed the suspects driving a light blue Dodge Charger that had after-market chrome wheels. Police said the Dodge Charger represents the biggest clue they have so far in the investigation.

“It’s two suspects that I’m looking for right now,” Dallas PD Det. Fernando Silva said. “Either white or Hispanic males, thin build. They look like they’re a little younger, maybe late teens, early 20s.”

Investigators from the Dallas PD said the suspects parked the light blue 2007-2010 Dodge Charger in an alley not far from the shooting scene. Both men were caught by a door camera as they walked out of Salva’s home.

“They get just out of frame, and then you hear eight to ten shots,” Det. Silva said. “You see the suspects run back, run this way, and they’re running, they get back in the vehicle.”

Both men fled the scene in the blue Dodge Charger that police now hope would lead to the arrest of the men.

Silva said the two suspects are the “kind of folks that we can’t have out here in the streets.” He also added that the vehicle is easy to spot because it stands out.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Silva at 214-671-3639.

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