Dallas Police Arrest Two Teen Dognappers, Dog Still Missing 

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Ashley Williams reported Roxy missing after she had left the dog to roam in her backyard. | Image from Williams

Dallas police have arrested two juvenile females accused of stealing a couple’s French Bulldog puppy, but the dog has still not been found. 

The couple reported the French Bulldog puppy missing after being stolen from their backyard in their Old East Dallas neighborhood last week. 

Ashley Williams had left her dog, Roxy, on its own to play around their fenced-in backyard on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Williams said she went outside to check on the dog only to discover it had gone missing. 

Williams and her fiancé, Stephen Fucle, shared surveillance footage that showed what appeared to be two teenage girls dragging Roxy out of the couple’s backyard from beneath the fence before ending up in a neighbor’s yard. The two teenage girls grabbed Roxy and left the area. 

The teenage girls were identified in the footage by a Dallas ISD officer as students. Police eventually arrested the two girls but could not find the dog. 

According to the couple, the girls reported that they gave Roxy to a friend. They also stated that they have been in contact with the legal girls’ legal guardians and that they are conducting their own investigation as Dallas police continue with theirs. 

The couple said they are in contact with one of the girls’ neighbors, who showed them security footage of the girls as they handed the dog to an individual in a car. The couple said they had not been given the girls’ full name or valid contact info. 

“It’s heartbreaking, and it’s infuriating,” Fucle said. 

The couple revealed that all they want is to get their dog back. The couple asks anyone with information that might help them find their dog, Roxy, to contact them at 469-324-9272 or at [email protected]. 

“It doesn’t make sense,” Williams said. “Please contact us. She’s our baby.” 


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