The restaurant and food establishment inspection scores published by the Consumer Health Division of the City’s Code Compliance Services Department indicate that most Dallas eateries have been keeping it pretty clean, however, City data shows that one restaurant failed its inspection and another came in on the bubble.

The City of Dallas maintains public records of health inspections of establishments that serve food in the jurisdiction. The records track each entity’s name, location, inspection date, and inspection score, along with an explanation for any and all point deductions based on critical, non-critical, and minor violations of health code standards.

Inspection scores are based on a 0-100 grading scale. Scores between 90 and 100 are considered “very good,” while a score of 69 or below is considered a “failing” grade, requiring a follow-up inspection within 10 days.

If issues discovered during the previous inspection are still not resolved, the establishment is subject to immediate closure. Any score of 59 or below is considered “unacceptable” and requires immediate closure and another inspection before reopening.

The Dallas Express looked at data from inspections conducted between November 15 and December 14. Out of the hundreds of inspections that took place during that period, only Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken scored below 70.

Located at 4001 Wheatland Rd. #110, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken received a 66 from health inspectors on December 6, 2023. According to City data, inspectors observed “no pest control onsite,” “soiled shelves in [walk-in cooler],” and “toxic chemicals next to [and/or] above foods, utensils, and single service items.”

They also found water bottles in an ice machine containing “contaminated” ice. There was also no certified food manager on site, as required by the health code. Additionally, certain foods (beans and gumbo) were not at the right temperature on the steam table, and “no washing of hands [was] observed after tasking.”

A follow-up inspection was conducted on December 18, 2023, and it looks like Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken cleaned up its act, earning a solid 95 from inspectors.

For its part, Sunset Crab Shack came on the verge of failing during the period under review. Located at 1625 S Buckner Blvd., the restaurant was inspected on November 29, 2023, and got a 70.

In their report, inspectors noted “employees must cover hair,” “oysters stored above cooked soup,” “raw chicken stored above cooked food,” and “raw shrimp stored above gumbo.”

Inspectors advised the restaurant to repair a leaking compressor in the walk-in fridge, replace damaged shelves, and not to “cut food on hand sink.”

A subsequent inspection of Sunset Crab Shack on December 29, 2023, yielded a score of 83.