A new study ranks drivers in Big D as the worst in the state and having some of the most dangerous drivers in the entire country.

The study, conducted by Forbes, looked at the 50 most populated cities in the United States and ranked them across five categories. North Texas saw two cities make the top ten, with Dallas at number six nationally and Fort Worth at number nine.

Dallas scored 90.97 out of 100 on the assessment, just 0.22 points lower than Kansas City. Here are some of the key findings from the review:

  • Dallas has the third-highest number of fatal car accidents where drinking and driving was involved (6.25 per 100,000 residents).
  • In terms of fatalities caused by speeding, Dallas ranks the fourth-highest in the U.S. (5.69 per 100,000 residents).
  • Dallas has the seventh-highest total number of fatal car accidents (14.61 per 100,000 residents).
  • The city also has the seventh-highest number of individuals killed in fatal accidents.

Last year, The Dallas Express reported on some of the fastest speeding tickets handed out in the state in 2022. However, the worst offense on the list occurred on the I-10 in Gonzales County. Here, police clocked a 2018 Dodge Charge going 201 mph in a 75-mph zone on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Despite the metroplex’s disproportionate representation, several other cities were ranked worse. Here are the top ten worst offending cities when it comes to bad drivers:

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Detroit, Michigan
  4. Tucson, Arizona
  5. Kansas City, Missouri
  6. Dallas, Texas
  7. Louisville, Kentucky
  8. Phoenix, Arizona
  9. Fort Worth, Texas
  10. Tampa, Florida