Shelley Luther and other locals reacted to the presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden following a watch party held by Dallas Jewish Conservatives at the Angelika Film Center.

Shelley Luther, a notable jailed for reopening her salon during the COVID-19 anti-lockdown movement, did not hide her opinion about the debate.

“Trump won, of course. Biden was ridiculous,” the Republican Texas House District 62 nominee said to The Dallas Express. “Biden has no business being up there. Putting him up there like that should be criminal.”

Luther was referring to Biden’s apparent discombobulation throughout the televised exchange.

Biden’s performance was characterized by halting and sometimes mumbling incoherent statements, especially in the early part of the debate. At one point, the president’s performance prompted Trump to say, “I really don’t know what he said.”

Medicare, a perennial issue due in part to its perceived importance to the active over-65 voting block, was one of several areas where Biden appeared unable to articulate his views. For nearly 30 seconds, the president stopped and started his sentences before saying, “We finally beat Medicare.”

It was unclear what the 81-year-old meant, nor did he elaborate.

Although Biden appeared to become more coherent after the first commercial break, roughly halfway through the live broadcast, the strength of his voice declined and was strained by hoarseness and a cough. He also became more aggressive, at times accusing Trump of lying.

The Dallas Express asked Luther if she believed Biden’s performance would change people’s votes.

“I think most people who are voting think this debate was shocking,” she said. “People who watch and think ‘that’s my guy’ are fooling themselves.”

Both sides of the political spectrum appeared to share Luther’s sentiments. Fifteen minutes before the debate concluded, phones at the Dallas Jewish Conservatives watch party lit up with a notification from left-leaning Politico that read, “‘Biden Is Toast’ Democratic insiders are already freaking out over Joe Biden’s hoarse voice and shaky debate performance.”

The morning after the debate, the media drumbeat continued, questioning Biden’s viability as a candidate.

Katty Kay, a prominent BBC reporter, posted, “Hearing from [White House] that conversations are happening that put all options on the table.”

“What I am hearing regarding Joe Biden. Ron Klain [former Biden Chief of Staff] and Barack Obama are having a sit down with the President today. Jill Biden is insistent that Joe runs. Kamala is furious that she is not being considered as a replacement (Whitmer and Newsom are). Interestingly my neighbor in East Hampton is hosting the Bidens tomorrow. It will be an important tell if the fundraiser is canceled,” Dougie Kass, a Democratic donor, posted.

Kass gave no indication when that alleged meeting was set to occur. However, the president gave a speech in North Carolina the day following the presidential debate in which he said, “Folks, I don’t walk as easy as I used to, I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to, I don’t debate as well as I used to. But I know what I do know: I know how to tell the truth.”

Some social media users reacting to Kass’ tweet blamed First Lady Jill Biden for allowing her husband to appear for the debate and holding a rally with him immediately afterward.

“Most Americans didn’t hate Jill Biden before last night. But, one of the things we most fear is being taken advantage of and being abused when we’re in the last days of our life. We hope that our spouse will protect us. Jill is not protecting Joe and that’s unimaginably cruel,” a Twitter user with the handle Hans Gruber The Great posted.

This sentiment was also held by viewers at the watch party.

“That was elder abuse and I blame Jill Biden,” Debbie Bowers said. “It was painful to watch.”

Others in the audience spoke highly of Trump’s performance. During her primary, Luther’s campaign manager, Kyle Sims, said, “Trump killed it.”

His wife Jacinta said, “Trump did an excellent job. Very strong. Very well-spoken. Didn’t stutter. Very articulate.”

“I think he is a strong leader,” she added.

Luther will appear on the same ballot as Trump and Biden during the November general election.