Dallas Animal Services Asks for Support

Dallas Animal Services
Dog in an animal shelter looking through the fence. | Image by David P Baileys/Shutterstock

Dallas Animal Services is trying to drum up support for a new state-of-the-art animal shelter in a bid to improve public safety and the well-being of animals in the city.

“By addressing our shelter’s current limitation and overcrowding, we reduce the health and safety risks for both animals and citizens. Adequate space and improved facilities support the well-being of animals and minimizes the potential for public health issues,” Dallas Animal Services (DAS) said on a website dedicated to the new shelter proposal.

“Our other priority of animal lifesaving is at the forefront of this proposal. A modernized shelter includes an adoption center where we can enhance the animals’ physical and mental health, leading to increased adoptions. This aligns with our dedication to saving lives and reducing euthanasia rates, ultimately creating a more humane and compassionate community,” DAS added.

In a recent newsletter, DAS urged Dallas residents to contact their representatives on the City Council to urge them to support the new facility, which could be part of the upcoming bond election in November, as reported by The Dallas Express.

DAS also introduced its new interim pet support manager in the newsletter, who was only identified as Juana. She has been at DAS since June 2021 and has past experience as a veterinary assistant, kennel assistant, dog trainer, and rescue coordinator.

Also joining the DAS team is Greg Wilkins, who is coming on board as the agency’s new animal shelter manager for animal care and behavior. He has previous experience working at shelters in Arkansas and Florida.

The last new hire mentioned in the newsletter was Summer Dolder, who assumed the position of assistant general manager in May. She has been involved in operations at various animal welfare organizations in Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Lastly, the newsletter made note of an upcoming Virtual Townhall Meeting scheduled for September 27 from 6-7 p.m. The meeting, however, will not have a confirmed agenda until September 25.

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