D Magazine’s Tim Rogers Accused of Being ‘Racist White Vigilante’

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Tim Rogers of D Magazine and freelancer Steven Monacelli. | Image from D Magazine and Dallas Observer

Dallas Justice Now Demands Apology From Steven Monacelli & Tim Rogers

The co-president of Dallas Justice Now (DJN) is demanding an apology from D Magazine’s Editor, Tim Rogers, and a local “freelancer” for allegedly attacking his character and the character of black people.

“Like other racist white vigilantes, Steven Monacelli continues to deny my very existence and personhood when he can see for himself on social media that I am actively engaged in the community meeting with artists, activists, church leaders, and others on a daily basis,” said DJN Co-President Ndure Cain.

Steven Monacelli Accuses DJN of Being a ‘Fake’ Social Justice Organization

Steven Monacelli, a “freelancer” who has written for the Dallas Observer and D Magazine, accused DJN of being a “fake” social justice organization in a July 28 article that went viral. He questioned whether DJN leaders even exist after they refused Monacelli an interview.  (Disclosure: Dallas Express’ non-profit ownership group, Dallas Express Media, Inc. has filed suit against Monacelli for defamation on an unrelated matter.)

Tim Rogers is the editor for D Magazine, which is owned by Allison Publications, whose lawsuit against a black journalist, who was investigating alleged racist actions by D Magazine, was dismissed in October.

As previously reported by Dallas Express, Maya Pembledon told the court that D Magazine used their complaint to silence her in violation of the Texas Citizens Participation Act. District Court Judge James “Jim” Johnson agreed with Pembledon and sanctioned Allison Publications and Tim Rogers.

Regarding allegations that DJN is “fake,” Cain responded that Monacelli’s interrogation of DJN is reminiscent of the Jim Crow era of American history when black people were asked to prove themselves by scoring 100% on nearly impossible tests just to exercise their right to vote.

“Like the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, Monacelli feels entitled to simply come up to black people and demand we somehow ‘explain ourselves’ and our presence to him,” Cain said in an interview. “Monacelli owes me and my brothers and sisters an apology for his constant attacks on our character.”

Both Monacelli and Rogers were singled out by Cain in a DJN letter this week.

“Lily-white ‘journalists’ like Tim Rogers of D Magazine and Steven Monacelli have demanded DJN answer interrogatory questions about our supporters and volunteers. Do they ask the same of white groups?” Cain wrote. “Of course not. Because we are black and speaking to white people, our motivations are assumed to be nefarious. Like the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, Tim Rogers and Steven Monacelli see themselves as entitled to come up to black people and demand we justify our existence. As I said last week, we owe NOTHING to white people. Their multi-million-dollar homes stand on land stolen from my Native ancestors. They were built from the subjugation of forced slave labor from my black ancestors.”

Rogers declined to respond comment, and when Monacelli was asked why DJN is targeting him, he stated in an email, “I’m not sure of the reasoning behind why Dallas Justice Now has done anything because they’ve refused to speak with me and other journalists on multiple occasions.”  DJN is however speaking with The Dallas Express.

In recent months, Cain said that he has walked through Park Cities, a predominantly white suburb of Dallas, asking residents to honor the college pledge letter that was allegedly demonized in a Dallas Observer article written by Monacelli.

“I am met with taunts, abuse, threats to call the police in many cases from self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ who claim to stand with Black Lives Matter but have done nothing for us,” Cain stated in his November 29 letter. “Friends, watch the video of Ahmaud’s murder and you will see the fear every black person experiences passing through a white neighborhood. Ahmaud was a celebrated athlete out for a jog and suddenly he had to ‘explain himself’ to 3 white vigilantes. His failure to ‘explain himself’ to the satisfaction of these vigilantes led them to murder him in cold blood. Where do white folks get off telling us we have to ‘explain’ our mere presence in their neighborhoods?”

D Magazine’s editor, Tim Rogers, remains in controversy over the allegations of racism against him by Ms. Pembledon and now by Mr. Cain.

For more news related to this story, see how Dallas Justice Now demanded an apology from D Magazine’s allegedly racist editor, Tim Rogers.

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D Mag’s Tim Rogers and Local Freelancer Accused of Being ‘Racist White Vigilantes’ by Activist Group - TrickyNerd
1 year ago

[…] other racist white vigilantes, Steven Monacelli continues to deny my very existence and personhood despite the fact that he can see on social media […]

Your Mom
Your Mom
13 days ago

Seems like a chill dude

13 days ago

Anti white racism doesn’t exist y’all. Funny though that you’re lies are being exposed and all you have is this sad kkk era lie.

13 days ago

Cool white nationalist lies y’all. Silly domestic enemies using fake news to try and pretend your not far right domestic enemies. Anti white racism doesn’t exist. Literally can’t happen.