Clay Jenkins Allegedly Abused Office to Influence Police Reports

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins | Image by NBC DFW

Clay Jenkins was accused of exploiting his position as Dallas County Judge to facilitate taking over the law firm of a dead colleague, according to court documents recently reviewed by The Dallas Express.

In 2016, well-known personal injury attorney Brian “The Strong Arm” Loncar died of a cocaine overdose shortly after his daughter committed suicide.

Clay Jenkins allegedly used the tragedy as an opportunity to enrich himself, first by finagling his way into becoming executor of the Loncar estate, then by selling himself Loncar’s law firm, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

The legal battles surrounding the estate stretch across several different lawsuits and contain allegations of impropriety, conflict of interest, and potentially unlawful activity by Jenkins as he maneuvered himself into ownership of the firm.

Brian Loncar’s father, Phil Loncar, acted as the original executor of the estate before Jenkins allegedly coerced him to resign “by fraud, through the use of artifice and deceit,” according to court documents.

In the months following Brian Loncar’s death, Jenkins allegedly began acting as the de facto manager of the firm and “immediately called meetings of the Loncar Law Firm attorneys and personnel and pronounced that he was in charge of the firm from that point forward.”

However, according to Phil Loncar, several employees reported that “Jenkins … used his office as County Judge to bring everyone in line.”

Court filings suggested, “Jenkins brazenly declared at meetings … that, because he was County Judge, he could get things done in cases and for the clients that no one else could.”

Specifically, “Jenkins bragged to long-term employees of the Loncar Law Firm that the Dallas Police Department would ‘adjust’ or ‘alter’ police reports and/or testimony to suit Jenkins’s needs and to advance the interest of the firm and its clients’ cases.”

When some of those employees “questioned about how he could possibly get that done and, more importantly, why, Jenkins responded that he was their boss and, as such, ‘why wouldn’t they do it?’” according to claims in court filings.

The Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure, which governs acceptable conduct for attorneys, specifically stipulate that “Disbarment is generally appropriate when a Respondent in an official or governmental position knowingly misuses the position with the intent to obtain a significant benefit or advantage for himself or another.”

Furthermore, if Jenkins used his position as county judge to influence the testimony of law enforcement officials to receive more beneficial rulings in his law practice, it could open him up to criminal investigations.

In response to these accusations by Phil Loncar, Jenkins argued that the court lacked “subject-matter jurisdiction,” in part because the lawsuit was filed in Collin County instead of Dallas County, where Jenkins himself serves as county judge.

The court agreed and dismissed the case without hearing anything further about the accusations.

However, others connected to the administering of Brian Loncar’s estate and the operation of Loncar’s law firm also alleged that Jenkins acted improperly and, in some cases, unlawfully.

The longtime chief financial officer of Loncar’s business, Toby Toudouze, claimed in legal filings, “Jenkins has illegally and wrongfully exercised complete and unfettered dominion and control over … the Loncar Firm, to both funnel millions of dollars to himself personally and to cover-up and conceal illegal and wrongful activities that he engaged in with the firm in the past.”

Others suggested that Jenkins sought to cover up the potentially unlawful funneling of over $450,000 to a shell company called KMA Capital, seemingly in violation of the Texas legal code, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Brian Loncar’s widow, Sue Loncar, accused Jenkins of “helping to divert substantial dollars in referral fees to entities that were not licensed to practice law, like KMA. Jenkins knew he should not pay referral fees to these entities, but he did so anyway.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Texas told The Dallas Express that they were unable to “confirm or deny investigations unless and until charges are filed” after being asked if Clay Jenkins is currently under federal investigation, considering his history of alleged financial and political impropriety.

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  1. Kevin R Cooper

    This is all about a Republican trying to win Jenkins seat

    • LCP75050

      Exactly right! That’s why we’re hearing about it just before the election.

      • John

        Let’s just ignore how wicked this is and pretend it’s a political witch-hunt.

        Why can’t corruption just be corruption? And why does it matter which party is doing it?

        Shouldn’t we want corruption dealt with ASAP no matter the politician involved?

  2. B Stephens

    Even John Wiley Price commented something like Jenkins was acting like a king and not a County Judge (or words to that effect). Jenkins has a deep desire to turn Dallas County into San Francisco and he’s pretty much accomplished it.

  3. Nick Viggiano

    Another Elite Socialist

    • LCP75050

      Lol. That’s hilarious! Too much Faux News for you.

  4. Buck Jones

    What the he’ll somebody get to the truth!!! Thanks for the article.

  5. Nunya

    Jenkins should be put away for a very long time for this.

    • LCP75050

      Why don’t you wait and see if he’s even guilty? You won’t hear another word about it after the election because there’s no case against him; just a bunch midterm allegations.

  6. Bill Fox

    Damn, how many times you going to use the word, “allegedly” in this article and only cite yourselves? Weak “journalism.”
    Sounds like Loncar’s dad and ex-wife sold what they had without a proper evaluation of its value and are now upset.

    • John

      The NY Post did the same with their reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop. A laptop PROVEN to be legitimately his. But now considered intelligible as evidence because “TOO” many people has access to it… The NY Post was right, they did the reporting, investigation, and we’re still shutdown.

      So you’re doing the same here for what reason? Oh it’s not a convenient time for this report. I guess Jenkins, who has clearly been a corrupt judge, should just be given a pass.

      • LCP75050

        Clearly? What’s so clear about? The only clear thing is The Dallas Express has it out for Jenkins. It’s the only rag going after him daily BEFORE THE ELECTION with allegations but NO EVIDENCE.

  7. Mary

    Clay Jenkins did no wrong. There are people who did, names have also been seen in these reports. Truth Phil Loncar stepped down for a reason and it was fear of lawsuit by his granddaughters. It was a blessing Clay was there to preserve the law firm and trust for Brian’s daughters. As to be noted Phil Loncar with all his untrue statements had his lawsuit thrown out. Fact check next time before posting.


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